Lifestyle Influencer Vance Fundora Leveraged Social Media to Build a 7-Figure Enterprise

The power of social media can offer anyone incredible success. As demonstrated by Vance Fundora, it’s possible to develop a successful career using social media platforms if you can leverage them properly.

Vance Fundora is the CEO and founder of The Fundora Group, who is a best-selling author, influencer, philanthropist and podcast host. Vance and his companies core mission are to provide support that cultivates new levels of personal & business development. His growing brand and influence has made him realize that his level of success is possible for others if they begin properly using what’s right in front of them.

From multiple micro businesses before the age of 16, to his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Marketing from Texas Tech University, to building a 7-figure enterprise. Vance has fostered the essential leadership skills to educate and guide others to create their dream lives. Nothing fulfills him more than helping people achieve their goals.

He’s made hundreds of thousands of dollars on Instagram and has been influenced to write another book, which is based around direct messages on the platform. The book “The Art Of The DM” highlights how powerful messaging via social media can be to network, connect, and collaborate with other aspiring entrepreneurs, brands and people in your niche.

The influencer used Instagram since July of 2012 the first three months of 2021, Vance accumulated over 1,500,000 impressions and thousands of followers on Instagram, which shows he has a clear insight on how to leverage social media to reach global audiences.

Vance has turned The Fundora Group into a global brand focused on creating value & profitability for a portfolio of innovative operations in multiple industries.

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