Lifestyle Writer Rory Brown Discusses the New Trend of Domestic Holidays

As social distancing and global travel restrictions have halted international vacation trends, the trend of local holidays has shifted to focusing on exploring around your local community or local destinations a short drive or flight away. Rory Brown, a lifestyle writer from Charleston, South Carolina, discusses the shift to domestic travel and how to find the beauty contained within our borders.

Vacation Rentals Instead of Hotels

As individuals and families find ways to safely travel and remain socially distant from others, there has been a shift from booking crowded hotels and resorts to looking for cozy Airbnb listings or rental houses that provide privacy. Individuals and families are booking houses for longer stays to get out of the city and enjoy the countryside, beach, or mountains. With the uncertainty of how long social distanceing measures will be in place, many rentals are transitioning from short term stays to long term stays for those that wish to quarantine “in paradise.”

With most of the workforce still in a “work from home” state for the foreseeable future, some people are traveling to quiet and less traveled parts of the country, to work by day and explore new towns and sights by the weekend.

Road Trips vs. Flights

Car rentals have seen an increase in bookings as travelers feel more confident and in control traveling on their schedule. Many travelers are resorting to visiting destinations that are within a reasonable driving distance from their home rather than experiencing destinations by flight. Renting a truck or car allows families to experience their backyard in new ways that they might not have otherwise. Road trips also allow families to remain secluded from other travelers and keep a safe distance.

Exploring Nature

Travel trends are seeing a shift to explore the outdoors of the United States. Crowds tend to collect in places such as museums, restaurants, concerts, bars, or festivals. With most festivals and large gathering events canceled into the foreseeable future, cities no longer have the draw and appeal that they used to. Instead, travelers are looking to what hikes, lakes, and other outdoor activities there are available. Exploring nature enables tourists to maintain a safe social distance from many and also benefit from all the outdoors has to offer.

Multi-generational Trips

Many families have been isolated or separated throughout most of the pandemic. As restrictions begin to ease, many trips are increasing in size as families wish to congregate and catch up for an extended time.


The concept of short weekend trips is also returning. As long international trips are not feasible, vacation time can be better spent towards taking multiple, shorter trips throughout the year. People are finding ways to make quick weekend getaways to locations close to home they have not yet explored. As so many people often admit that they have not explored their backyard, staycations are on the rise as people have the time and ability to learn more about what surrounds them.


About Rory Brown

After spending the first 40 years of his life in the United States, Rory Brown decided to focus on the quality of life and began living internationally. He now spends his time in Lake Como, Italy, Sydney, Australia, Charleston, South Carolina, and Kauai, Hawaii. His appreciation for simple health food that embraces local traditions of excellence has earned him credit among farm-to-table communities everywhere he goes.

Rory Brown began his career as a technologist and has always focused on healthy lifestyle choices. His well-researched lifestyle writing has increasingly focused on living life to the fullest each day throughout the world.


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