Lighthouse Leadership Academy’s Tara Oldridge on Finding Freedom From Life’s Setbacks


Inspirational Founder Tara Oldridge can’t hide her excitement when the topic turns to life transformations. After all, that is what she’s based her transformational ecosystem, The Lighthouse Leadership Academy, on. 

When asked to describe the program to someone unfamiliar with it, she said, “It’s a 100% transformation of your entire life. All of you, your past, your mind, your heart, comes forward, and you are set free through this work. Lighthouse frees you from the grips that life can have on you: the shame, broken marriages, drug addiction, and even the belief that your life is too perfect to risk changing. It’s time to let go. Stop giving away your power. That is Lighthouse.”

It’s a pretty strong value proposition and one that most people would stop to listen to. We all have things we’d love to change about our lives. And most of us have limiting beliefs that prevent enabling those changes. 

Oldridge’s ecosystem is based on psychological studies done in the 1970s, and, she says, you only need to learn them once for the benefits to stay with you for a lifetime. How the Founder built upon the seminal teachings from 50 years ago is to expand them to invite God and worship into the program. 

Among the most moving testimonials from past participants are: “I’ve got over my limiting beliefs, got over not trusting myself and not trusting others,” “This has restored and beautifully renewed my life,” and “It just keeps moving me.”

Open Door Policy

So far, the program has successfully served Professional Athletes, A-list celebrities to housewives, entrepreneurs and C level executives to online influencers, people who have been trafficked, men suffering from physical, mental, and emotional abuse, substance abuse, addiction, workaholics, and people trying to overcome overwhelm, anxiety, depression and anger. This proves Oldridge’s theory about the broad swath of people searching for a new way to do things and needing a genuine life overhaul. 

The lessons, which are not tailored to a specific audience but the human experience on a whole, allow them to feel many things that had been inaccessible to them: vulnerability, confidence, intimacy, joy, power, courage, and a connection with God and their inner spirituality. 

“We guide and empower those who may feel they have hit their rock bottom, those who feel stuck and overwhelmed, and those who are driven and ambitious entrepreneurs knowing they are meant for more — and anyone in between. We help them see their next level and achieve the breakthrough to get there,” Oldridge explained.  

About Lighthouse

The Lighthouse transformation happens in three steps or levels; each must be graduated from before the next can begin. The first and second, Activate and Accelerate are open to all and, Oldridge says, can help anyone. 

The highest level, Impact, is a continuation of those students who feel the desire to lead in a greater capacity, those ready to step into the arena of generosity, contribution and vision. This requires students to shed their old lives and embrace a life of serving others and renouncing the ways of the material world, all while achieving their own personal milestones and goals along the 3 month journey through live, deep coaching and further processes and training modules

“The level of leadership a student obtains will determine their likelihood of moving forward into Impact. It’s only for those who are seriously ready and is open by invitation only. It is for the true leaders that will shape our world, and we spare no expense,” said Oldridge.

Don’t worry if you still don’t fully understand the transformation. As the Founder says, it’s unlikely to capture the work done at the academy into words. Each student generates a totally unique experience for them. But among her favorite ways to describe it is, “Lighthouse is a moment-by-moment, polarizing, shocking, experiential, safe, loving, powerful, intense, spiritual rollercoaster that glorifies God.”

When asked for a comparison, she shook her head and explained that there is nothing else like it. She added that, while the teachings were groundbreaking in the 70s, they became Earth-shattering when God was added to the formula, which no other Academy alike offers. It’s bold and holy and encompasses so many things that participants say they always had a hunch about but were never able to explain until they enrolled to try Lighthouse. 

In these modern times, so many people are looking for a radical change and a new way of life. Thankfully, Oldridge is letting them find a new path. 


About Tara Oldridge

Tara Oldridge, Founder of the Lighthouse Leadership Academy, is a transformational visionary whose mission is to help people recognize their truth and answer their God-given calling to make a massive impact on the world. She is also the creator of Vision to Business, a 2-day workshop for women to build an impactful business they love, and host of The Smart Woman Show podcast. She has been featured in Forbes Magazine and Entrepreneur Magazine. Learn more about the Lighthouse Leadership Academy here:

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