Like Father, Like Son: 9-Year-Old Boxer Hafiz “the Future” Parwani Trains to Walk on His Father’s Footsteps

This young boxing prodigy from Hamburg, Germany goes by the name Hafiz “The Future” Parwani. In less than just one year, he will turn 10 years old and be able to qualify in his first amateur boxing matches.

This will be a huge moment for him and his father Shokran Parwani, who himself is undefeated with a record of fifteen victories and zero defeats. Twelve of his victories were a result of the opponent being knocked out and unable to continue the match.

Shokran Parwani or SP for short migrated from Kabul, Afganistan to Germany where he met a Russian woman. They gave birth to Hafiz Parwani. Ever since The Future’s birth, SP has been focusing on making a boxing career for him.

At a tender age of just two years old, Hafiz Parwani’s training had begun. Boxing had always been in his blood. Even though he was a boxer from birth, he was legally required to wait until 10 years of age before competing in any boxing match. Now he is finally reaching that age and the father-son duo is busy in preparations.

Hafiz “The Future” Parwani hopes to become like the boxing legend Mohammad Ali one day. However, he is often compared with the modern-day superstar Floyd Maywether Jr. This comparison is done because the two have a lot in common. Both of them were born into families of boxers and had fathers who would mentor them into the sport.

Even before kicking off his career professionally, Hafiz Parwani has made a social media presence for himself as his Instagram page has over twenty-eight thousand followers. All of which know him as the world’s strongest kid. The lean and muscular little boy shares pictures and videos of himself training with his father who is also his coach.

Just like his father, Hafiz “The Future” Parwani has not let the recognition and his talent go to his head. He always tries to remain as humble as possible as he also has a normal life as a kid who studies in the third grade.

Before he can enter the ring for a boxing match, The Future has to undergo some formal training and see what the professionals are doing. For this purpose, Shokran Parwani has decided that the father-son duo will go to the United States. There SP will use the contacts he made while training with City Athletic Boxing,Floyd Mayweather’s Dream Team, and Caleb Plant’s trainer who made him the Super Middle Weight Champion of the World.

As the name “The Future” suggests, Hafiz Parwani has a lot planned for the future. He aims to use his father’s experience and his natural talent to become the future P4P king. His training already reflects his speed and agility that will do him a lot of good in the ring.

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