Review and Its Alternatives – Is a Scam? review

If you believe that the worst parts of the internet lurk within its bowels, you are wrong. Its depths indeed contain all sorts of nefarious and illegal content not suitable for any section of society. Luckily, staying off the dark web is easy since it is not accessible through normal day-to-day browsers.

Unfortunately, that giant hornet’s nest alone isn’t what makes the web such a terrible place. Even without delving into the dark web, you sometimes come across various fraudulent websites that one must avoid at all costs.

Often, these websites promise incredible returns and unbelievable prices, regardless of what industry they target. The simplest example would be the “You have won XYZ dollars” advertisements you see all over the internet. However, the social media marketing field is particularly rampant with scams and frauds.

Several engagement websites take your money and do not deliver. It can be hard to discover which ones are fake, but a general rule of thumb is that “if it is too good to be true, it is not true”. Thus, you must be cautious on the internet at all times.

Sometimes, you are lucky, and the websites do not turn out to be complete scams. Instead, their quality of service emerges to be so low that you cannot help being in woe for your lost dough. In either case, the outcome hurts your pockets, and thus, it is best to stay away from low-quality services.

Today, we are going to review a social media engagement website that has disappointed its customers severely. Buckle in for a review of – the so-called most trusted source of Instagram engagement. Rating 1.5 out of 5

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So, what is is a social media engagement platform. That is, it offers paid promotion for social media websites, promising rapid organic growth on your channels and pages. Instead of being a jack of all trades, decided to be master of one – Instagram – and failed miserably.

The idea behind such platforms is that they advertise your pages and profiles to people across the world. Since advertisements on the internet target their relevant audience, they can generate rapid traction and engagement on your social media profile if utilized correctly.

Unfortunately, this fraudulent website uses bots to create fake profiles. Often, these bots are controlled by a central server owned by the company. Thus, the site requires minimum investment considering it’s all fake users.

Once you purchase engagement from these websites, their bots like comments and low quality profiles make it super obvious that you have bought and not earned followers. Since bots aren’t allowed on most social channels, these profiles keep getting closed down and you lose valuable engagement.

Another risk associated with buying low-quality bot likes is that it goes against the terms & services of most social channels. If discovered, your account can face suspension or worse, permanent closure. Thus, you must never buy paid promotions and engagements from fraudulent websites.

Why shouldn’t you buy anything from targets Instagram engagement and calls itself the most trusted source of the same. However, their claims quickly fall to dust when we check their prices as well as their reviews. When last I checked, Trustpilot, a famous market research and review agency, had removed from its website. The message states that “this website is considered a bad fit for Trustpilot”. 

Usually, such messages mean that either the website has received a large number of negative reviews, or that the website was found to have been purchasing false reviews. I am willing to go with the latter since search engines are still showing five stars if you search for All the tell-tale signs are there, and it is evident that has purchased false reviews while having nothing to show for it. 

On other websites, there are several negative reviews about Most of these talk about how the likes this company delivers are of extremely low quality and do not have any retention rates. A low retention rate means that the likes do not stay and after a while, disappear. Further, the likes which do remain take a painfully long time to arrive on your posts. 

Another reason to avoid is the cost incurred upon using this website. If you compare it with the top contenders in the market, you’ll find that this firm robs you of your money. For example, provides ten thousand likes at $88.99 and takes a long time to deliver (with negligible retention, by the way).

On the other hand, Viralyft, often considered the number one social media engagement agency by hundreds of reviewers, offers the same package for just $68.50. And this package is delivered within three days. Thus, nothing about is worth the cost. 

The final straw is that there is no refund or return policy here. So, once you’ve invested your hard-earned money into, and they have inevitably failed to deliver, you are screwed. You cannot ask for your money back since it’s not their policy, and you have nothing to show for your purchase since the likes do not remain. – A list of cons

Let us summarize everything we have learned so far about the disadvantages of

  • Bought and fake reviews on Trustpilot, which got to the point that Trustpilot banned the company from its website.
  • A large number of negative reviews on trusted market research websites and blogs.
  • The cost factor – All plans are much more expensive than industry standards. Further, these plans do not deliver what they promise.
  • Slow delivery times for whatever likes do find their way through.
  • No refund policy or refill guarantee for dropped likes and followers.

Judging by the number of cons attached, it is evident that is a low-quality service at best and a scam at worst. Thus, you shouldn’t buy any sort of engagement from this website.

So, what else can I use?

Since has been discovered to be a scam, you will have to look for alternatives. We have a quick guide for that. Here are five amazing websites to buy Instagram followers or other kinds of paid promotions. You can also see a list of the best engagement websites here.

viralyft image

Viralyft is one of the best social media growth providers in the market right now, thanks to its high-quality social media services. It was founded in 2017 and has been selling followers across major social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. But, that’s not all, as it also offers likes, views, and automatic likes packages. The main motive of Viralyft is to provide you with the initial follower base, which will hopefully make it easier to get subsequent ones organically.

It’s important to note that buying followers is different from buying automated engagement. It is considered to be a better alternative and helps in accelerating the growth of your account and Viralyft understands this perfectly.

Besides providing genuine followers, the site also has other checks in place, like a secure HTTPS website, no hidden costs, and a secure payment gateway. Another important thing is that you don’t need to disclose your account’s password. Thus, Viralyft provides great services while preventing all kinds of potential complications.

GetViral is one of the best alternatives to thanks to its affordable pricing and quick delivery. GetViral is a promotion service provider that offers its service for social media websites such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Spotify, and SoundCloud. The buying process is pretty simple, all you need to do is select a package, provide all the necessary information and make the payment.

Once the payment is confirmed, the website has a delivery time of 1 to 7 days depending on your chosen package. It accepts almost every major credit card and doesn’t require your account’s password making the transaction safe and secure.

If you find yourself stuck somewhere in the buying process, you can contact GetViral’s highly skilled customer support team any time you want to help you throughout the transaction. The website lets you buy promotional services without the need to follow other accounts. Since its inception, GetViral has completed over 15,000 orders and earned numerous 5-star reviews as well as a place in this article.


ViewsExpert as the name suggests is a social media account boosting website that uses smart marketing techniques as well as its network of accounts to help increase your reach. Unlike, ViewsExpert provides its services for a number of other websites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. It offers promotional services at competitive pricing that would give websites like a run for their money.

While making the purchase keep the URL (where the service needs to be delivered) as well as one of the acceptable payment methods handy for a swift and hassle-free experience. ViewsExpert has completed over 48,000 projects for more than 1,200 clients and these numbers keep on going as you read this article.

ViewsExpert offers real, authentic, and high retention services that will help you grow from a rookie entertainer to a social media influencer in no time. Features like 24 x 7 customer service, quick delivery, and no password requirement make ViewsExpert a hard choice to skip out.


SocialPackages is another great website to get your daily fix of promotional services. It provides real, authentic, and high-quality services for websites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many others making it the one-stop destination for all your promotional needs.

Its major features include 24 x 7 customer support, no password requirement, and quick delivery due to which it has garnered numerous 5-star reviews from its clients. You can buy its services by following these three steps- select a service, fill in your information and wait for the results to reflect in your account.

The website accepts almost every major payment method you can think of resulting in a hassle-free, safe, and secure transaction. SocialPackages is also running a refund scheme according to which if SocialPackages is unable to deliver the promised service in time, it will completely refund the order.

The website uses smart marketing techniques combined with its vast network of social media accounts to help you reach your desired goal without disrespecting Instagram guidelines making it one of the best alternatives of


It is easy to find ourselves at dishonest websites that are nothing but a sham. We must keep an eye out for signs of a scam. Remember that all five-star reviews aren’t genuine. If a website has received nothing but positive reviews, it is considered suspicious. You should focus on four-star reviews instead.

That said, there are also hundreds of platforms that are genuine and have received much critical acclaim for their professional services and reasonable costs. All you need to do is keep an eye out and stay vigilant.

If you have been scammed by a website, drop their names in the comments below so that our readers can stay informed and wary. Further, we would love to hear your tips and tricks about sieving out scams from the noise.

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