Lil’ Hippo Becomes First NFT Project to Executive Produce Music, Films, and More

As we know, our economy is currently undergoing a digital transformation. In due time, the way we buy, sell, and trade will be changed forever. Much like cryptocurrency, or digital tokens, NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are helping to move the culture forward in many ways.

It’s no surprise that NFTs are the future of the world. They are revolutionizing how assets are created, distributed, and how creators take ownership of their art. As we approach the Metaverse, NFTs are becoming a part of our daily lives bychanging the way we access resources. While there are many to choose from, my favorite of them all is Lil’ Hippo—the next big thing in the NFT space. If you haven’t been introduced to this project, it’s my pleasure to do just that.

The Lil’ Hippo NFT is far from your typical NFT project. Not only has it proven itself to be more original than most, the project also has an innovative long-term plan—”to help the next generation enter the Metaverse”. Their goal is to educate, inspire and create for the next generation, setting them up for the digital world we’re moving towards.

When I first familiarized myself with Lil’ Hippo, I was blown away immediately. I’d never seen anything like it.

Since the initial release in 2022, Lil’ Hippo has stood out amongst some pretty heavy hitting predecessors in the NFT community. Per the official website, it’s described as a “dope collection of 10,000 Lil’ Hippo NFTs.” Their objective to educate the youth on cryptocurrency and financial literacy is what makes the project so unique in relation to other developers. Today, it becomes the first NFT to executive produce music, films, and shows, adding more praise to its originality.

Of all the incredible things Lil’ Hippo has to offer;
I was most drawn to the musical aspect. A few days ago, they released a new record entitled “Enter the Metaverse”—available on all major streaming platforms—making them the first ever NFT to produce an original song. The dope track (with a duration of about a minute and a half) is perfect for people to include in their IG reels, stories, and TikToks. Upon first listen, I already knew this project was going to be something special.

There’s no surprise that Lil’ Hippo is capable of such ingenuity. When I dug a little deeper, I learned there was a full-service creative agency in alignment with the project. That agency is better known as Rundown Media, a popular media company based in Los Angeles, California.

The company’s owner, Kiarash Behain, is noted to be “social media’s best kept secret”—according to Forbes magazine— and is responsible for some of the finest, most successful marketing campaigns. His presence on social audio platforms allows him to empower and educate people around the globe on important topics, such as financial literacy through cryptocurrency.

Rundown Media has played a major role in the industry for nearly two decades. They have contributed to box office hits like the Fast & the Furious franchise, and even assisted with marketing for Marvel films and others—including top TV shows and Billboard-charting albums. Using unique marketing techniques, Rundown Media is also notorious for turning people into social media influencers and viral sensations.

That being said, Lil’ Hippo’s capability of producing viral content comes as no surprise. According to Behain himself, “Lil’ Hippo will be executive producing short films, documentaries, and more media this year and going into the future. In other words, buckle up for the transformative ride ahead!”

Words could never mirror how excited I am for the forthcoming of this project. Honestly, I’ve never been more excited about an NFT. But how couldn’t I be, with all there is to gain from it?

Another factor that sets Lil’ Hippo apart from its predecessors would be their determination to pass down knowledge. The project is the first of its kind to host live public spaces, where they teach and inspire people from all around the world. They also hold private spaces, where they not only empower NFT holders, but their children as well. They are expanding their reach by teaching children through their Lil’ Hippo Private Workshops (for holders only) using Google Hangouts.

In addition, Lil’ Hippo has been hosting talent shows, rap battles, giveaways and contests on multiple social audio platforms. And here’s the best part. Anyone can participate from the comfort of their homes. These live events have not only provided a platform for talented individuals, but have provided them unexpected opportunities. Having witnessed many of the giveaways, I can say that every time a live space is held, someone’s life is changed miraculously.

As you see, this project is special for many reasons. But just writing about the state-of-the-art NFT isn’t doing it justice. It deserves thorough, hands-on attention. I’d advise anyone—young and old—to be a part of this innovative movement. It’s the perfect segue into the Metaverse, and it’s here to stay.

For everything you need to know about the Lil’ Hippo NFT, be sure to visit the official website

To listen to the new track, “Enter the Metaverse”, click here.

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