Lindsay Barrz Focuses on the Content She Delivers to Her Fanbase to Ensure It’s Quality  

Lindsay Barrz is a musical artist who was born in Clearwater, Florida. At four years, she moved to Emerson, New Jersey, where she grew up in Sparta until she was 18 years old. Later, she explored different towns in the north and central jersey and happened to be in Pennsylvania and Long Island for one year.

At 16 years, Lindsay Barrz got into rap and hip hop, being influenced by music. Soon, she started fitting in among her peers. She was always around kids who played beats off YouTube when they baked on the couch at their usual hangout. Lindsay had her little secret of poems on the deck, which she never wanted to share with her peers as she thought it would be critically exceptional about them.

Lindsay learned how to keep a beat when she joined a band as a percussionist in her 4th grade. She took English as a subject; creative writing and poetry were her jam. Out of deep cuts of young love at the age of 16, she wrote her first 16. Her original stage name ‘LB’ was born out of her poetic skills, passion for keeping a beat, and inability to sing like Mariah Carey.

Besides being a profound artist, lyricist, and author, Barrz is skilled in scriptwriting for films and movies, something she plans to do in the long term. She is also an astute and sharp businesswoman, currently working on the proper exposure to gain and maintain her success in the industry.

Lindsay expresses how she sees herself in Childish Gambino in terms of song delivery to her audience. She states a great song is the one with, ‘A catchy hook, meaningful lyrics with well thought out puns that tell a story, cohesion from one bar to the next and one that stays in a topic.’ Her favorite song is Heartbeat by Childish Gambino, as he knows the song word by word.

Eminem is her profound mentor as she relates to him morphing from a larva caterpillar to a colorful butterfly. She has featured other upcoming artists like Kids R.A.P, Young Khalid, and Nick Darwin in her recent hits. She also anticipates featuring other promising rappers and singers as she drops more polished music hits and videos.

Barrz is currently a massage therapist. She has concurred addiction and the effect street life has on her. She appreciates things such as; creative or artistic work and any hands-on work. Her passion for creativity got her thinking a cubicle is like a coffin.

She says her most fulfilling thing on this earth is when her fans enjoy and appreciate her music even if she cannot possibly interact directly with each one of them.  Therefore, she appeals to her fans to subscribe, follow, view, like, repost, share and comment on every stream she produces.

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