Liran Mizrahi Proves Social Media is a Goldmine of Opportunities

Imagine loving social media so much that you make it your main source of income. That probably sounds good but only for people who own the platforms or big influencers. However, Instagram expert Liran Mizrahi is proof that you can use social media to have fun and earn money.  

Twelve years ago, Liran started an Instagram account for fun. For a while, he enjoyed contacting people and creating collaborations before curiosity took over and forced him to explore the site further. Noticing there were people actually succeeding on the platform, he started researching the system to understand it better.

He started by setting up small Instagram pages and saving money for Instagram systems. With time, celebrities needing to expand their reach online started contacting him for services. The more he helped them, the more referrals he got, and soon, he was the go-to guy for Instagram services.

At one point, work became too much and he decided to quit his main job at Google to concentrate on Instagram. It got to a point where he was managing 250 clients with 250 accounts. It was crazy nonstop work but it was a big achievement that confirmed he was on the right path towards something real and exciting.

When he started receiving calls from people needing help with hacked pages, Liran’s career became even bigger. Within four months, he had researched and discovered how to retrieve a hacked account for one of the big businesses in Israel and that made him even more popular. Today, he has mastered everything about Instagram and can recover accounts within days of being hacked.

Over time, Liran discovered he has a good eye for quality. He says, “I realized that what guides me in my daily conduct is to bring real value to those who stand in front of me. I found that I really understand the “language” of all the media I’m in and that I can touch others through the web. Joy in the profession returned to myself that I would go far.”

For him, doing what he does is the best thing that happened to him. First, the connections he makes with his clients do not end overnight. Seeing the business owners he has walked with succeeding by applying advice he offered them fills him with inexplicable joy.

As a bonus, he gets to live his authentic life without trying to be another person’s version of himself. To someone aspiring to get into the business, Liran shares three pieces of advice.

One, you need to characterize your brand language and the story you want to tell to the world.

Two, remember to be pleasant to everyone you meet on the journey, colleagues and clients alike.

Three, focus on the quality of your content more than the number of followers and likes. According to him, valuable content, social interactions, and perseverance attracts a relevant, accommodating, and involved audience that suits your profile.

At the moment, Liran is focused on helping more clients attain success through Instagram. As he has always done, he wants to help clients serve their unique clients in a unique way that will set them ahead of the rest. He is also working on expanding his services to clients in other parts of the world outside Israel.

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