Live in the Moment With Matthew Siegal’s new Track “IDRK”

Live in the moment

“IDRK” has completely blown our brains. Matthew Siegal’s latest track has rocketed his career into the spotlight, establishing his status as one of the genre’s top artists. Fans are already waiting to see what he will do next.

Matthew’s latest EP includes three songs: “Energy”, “Lost” and “IDRK” All three songs capture a person’s emotions. And, given the captivating tunes of each song, it’s no surprise that you’ll want to listen to them over and over again. And you know an artist is good if you listen to his songs time after time.

Matthew’s compositions incorporate a variety of sounds that, on their own, don’t seem to be able to create anything worthwhile. However, once you hear it, you’ll believe there’s no other way the sounds could have come together. This is a testament to Matthew Siegal’s musical ability and talent.

His EP, “Timeless”, has gone viral, and he is now trending across all social media channels. With his incredible musical skills and production quality, there’s no doubt that he’s the musician you’ve been looking for all along. We can’t wait to hear more from him.

Listen to ‘IDRK’ here

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