How to Live Like an Abundance Magnet

Half of you will hate this article. Because roughly half will be the pessimistic thinkers who believe that they are not participants in their own life. The glass-half-empty peeps will perhaps click on the title wanting to know the secret to unlocking the door blocking the riches from pouring in. But I decry that.

And there are no entrepreneurs on this site fitting this description, right?

Living and cashing in mentally, physically, emotionally on an abundance mindset is intentional, worse (sarcasm duly noted), it requires you to have a deep immovable faith in yourself.

You will not get there if you have internal work to do. If you are blaming others for your downfalls and supposed bad luck in life. You won’t get there if your tendency is to hide in a corner and lick your wounds.

And this is not a shaming article. It is an article shining a light on the tools you need to arrive.

Living like a magnet means there is absolutely 100 percent zero doubt that gifts will come to you. It is sitting down and writing out exactly what you need. It is thanking the universe, the attraction force in your life, the energy bringing you the ability to take care of yourself and family before it arrives. This is how deliberate you are…you want no mistakes in what you are asking for. Like that old joke of the dude making a wish for a thousand bucks and then peering out his window to see his yard crawling with deer.

It means knowing how to ask and being aware enough to be still. To listen and pay attention to the signs the world is sending you, that people are giving you who are a part of your mission. It is remembering when those opportunities come along to say “YES!” even if they are delivered to you in a unrecognizable manner. Even if they are not exactly what you conjured. It is being grounded enough to follow the good energy, and to fine tune what your gut is telling you, or yelling at you.

Since I became a full-time entrepreneur, yes, there have been lean months, the difference being in the midst of the abundance mindset I never doubted the money or the jobs would be there. And this was also tied to the fact I knew I was doing what I was supposed to be doing every day:

  • Not sitting back and waiting for the golden illumination to come to me. Spotting the searchlight shining in the fog. Networking. Asking people who look like they would be a fabulous and strategic addition to my inner circle to collaborate. You should be watching for postings in FB groups, in LinkedIn; you should be writing emails to contacts. Zone in on the people you want to speak to who feel like a solid and positive connection.
  • Asking. I can’t underscore this enough. When you meet people ask them. Hearing “no” is okay. Hearing “no” is a reinforcement that this is not your project, not this time. Hearing “no” means it is time to approach another door, the one concealing your opportunity from you.
  • In the beginning, as you are just getting started, it’s okay to not have a completely clear direction. You will need to try a few different concentrations, for the sole purpose of finding out what you are good at.
  • In chaos, be still. Try to resist the urge to panic, know that you are going to be taken care of. This is the time to shut out the noise, to further distil your vision and then to examine what is before you to see if it would be a fit. Remember that phone call with a referral prospect? Have you followed up on it? Have you, with intention pulsing plainly in your heart, gone through your usual stomping grounds, totally convinced you will find what you are looking for? I cannot tell you the number of times simply opening my mind to welcoming in blessings has changed my life and my income.
  • Return the favor. This is key to the machinations of the universe. You truly do get what you put out into the world. If you are bogarting all the jobs and not demonstrating your thankfulness through reciprocation, you are missing the point. You are not defining your role of how you want to operate in the professional world. You want to accept positions and you also want to be instrumental in helping others to reach their dreams through your sharing of good fortune.

This will not work overnight, but it will work as you put it into practice. Sure, a huge part of this whole process is going through the motions and receiving the gifts so you feel you are steering your course. And you are. You are operating at higher vibrations. But let’s not discount what each validation means. It tells you repeatedly that you are in the correct place; and this confirmation allows you to keep going confidently, which is influential in how you speak to people and how you pitch and seal deals.

When you feel you are in the right place, answering the call, snug in the hip pocket of the universe, you will act accordingly, and the more that you do, the stronger you get. It will even become more challenging to pull back from your newfound power, which at the base, is you, simply and finally believing in yourself.

Before you embark on implementing the abundance mindset, be sure to take self-inventory. Are you doing things for yourself? Are you unafraid to look at your vulnerabilities and areas where you can improve? Are you striving to run your business unemotionally? Are you able to detach yourself from others’ opinions about you? Are you strong enough to look back on your past missteps and forgive yourself without undue guilt? It is only when you are in this place of believing you are a solid and good force in this world, that you will succeed in unleashing the abundance mindset, that you will begin to realize the unbelievable benefits of living like a magnet.

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