Logan Hughes Explains How “Google My Business Will Jumpstart Your Online Traction”

Logan Hughes is a professional digital manager and the CEO of 7th Level Media, a brand helping businesses achieve growth and scalability. Given his experience, Logan suggests that using the ‘Google My Business’ page the right way is a way to increase business reach. 

With 7th Level Media, Logan Hughes provides business owners with an all-encompassing business development that does not stop at the service rendered. 7th Level Media is a digital marketing agency located in Exeter, New Hampshire. The brand focuses on equipping businesses with necessary digital tools to ensure their social media presence and uniquely tell their brand’s story and innovationscopywriters, 7th Level Media has successfully created 100+ websites and established partnerships with numerous brands.

As a digital marketer, Logan has engaged in several TedTalks and podcast interviews where he discussed several topics, including the benefit of a great website for small businesses, the importance of customer journey, the impact of SEO for websites, and the need to exploit Good My Business Optimization. 

“Local and small businesses can do better by optimizing their Google Business Page. Using this, you see results in as fast as two weeks. When you compare this to the popular SEO optimization, you can see that this business strategy achieve faster and better result,” says Logan

Using Google My Business page comes with unique benefits for local and small businesses given its GEO tagging feature. With it, your brand is easily known by prospective customers near you. As a local brand, this is a great way to increase sales since every client will consider the cost reduction of getting the service or product from you. 

However, using this strategy requires some effort; hence, you need more than just opening a business page and uploading a few pictures. Activities like geo-tagging your photos, setting up an enviable review system, and conducting tracking are important for feasible results. 

“Setting up a review system is important for local business because people around you need to know that you can get the job done. So if we are working with a brand with 10 reviews, we increase the review to 50 or 60, and we are good with that.” Logan noted 

Almost everything you need comes free, from setting up Google mail to getting your business listed and doing other things that give your brand visibility. 

Finally, business growth is everywhere; you only need to put in the right effort and engage the right people for your brand. While using Google My Business page can improve your presence, combining it with SEO optimization will also help your brand achieve a lasting online presence. 


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