Lorenzo.ae: The Illuminous Fashion Apparel

One of the most fashion icon and celebrity Christian Dior said, “Even when there are no more secrets, fashion remains a mystery.” A young entrepreneur hailing from the Middle East, Mohammed Sarhaan aligns his vision with diving into the depths of fashion in an effort to unveil the vast mysteries that lay below, bringing about innovative, stylish and next gen fashion apparel to people all round the world. With an effort to share his vision with everyone he established ‘Lorenzo.ae’ in 2016 and since then he has made all of his clientele smile in amazement.

‘Lorenzo.ae’ has launched their 2021 all new and trendy fashion apparel with a lot of new comers to the party like the ‘Optikicks’ and ‘Luminous Bag’ which have hit the internet by storm. The ‘Luminous Bag’ has immensely raised the bar of handbags and taken it to the next level. These bags are infused with the latest Fibre optic illumination and a slender design. These bags come with a choice of 7 colors being Red, White, Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink, Purple which have various flash modes. They also have similar colors on the fabric, which enhances the trendy look of the bag and can be worn even without any illumination. The various light modes are monochrome, polychromatic, strobe, flash, fade and smooth and each of these modes can be used based on the mood of the use. These bags come with a battery which has a capacity of 500mah and on a full charge it can last for 3 – 12 hours, a remote controller which can be used to change the color and the flash mode on the Fibre optic LED and a USB charging cable which can be used to charge the bag.

Since their emergence into the fashion industry ‘Lorenzo.ae’ have been able to ship all around the world and share their love for fashion with everyone and anyone they can.

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