Los Angeles, CA Hollywood Up-and-Comer Jack Settipane is Bringing Three New Stories to Life

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Though many dream of working in Hollywood, few are able to acquire the skills, connections, and courage necessary to build successful, lasting careers in the entertainment industry. As actor and producer Jack Settipane has learned over the course of his own burgeoning career, “Filmmaking is much harder work than people make it out to be, and it’s not all glitz and glamor. It takes more grit and tenacity than you can imagine, but that’s the cost of living the American dream”

Why, you might ask? For Settipane, the reason is simple: “Everyone has dreamt of a career in Hollywood at some point. Actually building one is surreal.”

Coming Soon from Jack Settipane

Jack Settipane and Dakota Kieras are the brains behind Lesnik Entertainment. Together, they are building buzz with three new creative productions in the works. From two offbeat animated comedies to a post-apocalyptic survival thriller, Settipane is trying his hand at a wide variety of styles, genres, and mediums. Not only does Settipane serve in a producing capacity, but he also acts in all three productions. They have also partnered with Bud Rebel and Bud’s company $tar Coin to offer special access to Lesnik projects. 

The first of Settipane’s new productions, Remnants, follows the struggles of a small band of survivors in a mysterious post-apocalyptic setting. Haunted by their experiences, they attempt to regroup at a beach house, where they fight to hang on to their humanity in the face of a terrifying threat.

More than seven years in the making, The film is the combination of almost a decade of thought, passion, planning, and Hardwork by the filmmakers. Now that the project is nearing completion, they can’t wait to see their efforts pay off when the film is picked up for distribution.

While the thought of an LA nail salon may already conjure larger-than-life images in the mind, That Moon Show takes this simple premise and dials it up to 11. Moon (played by TikTok star moontellthat, 12.7M followers) and her husband, Chicken Man, attempt to run a successful business while a large cast of zany characters keep getting in the way. The cast for this wacky cartoon features comedy veterans Fred Stoller and Andy Dick in recurring roles, as well as influencers Tavo Betancourt (4M followers) and Inna Moll (900K followers). 

Survivors, the third of Settipane’s productions in development, is an animated comedy set in what would have been the late 1960’s — that is, if the world hadn’t been overrun by zombies. The show explores the lives and interactions of four survivors as they hole up in a Malibu beach house. Though Survivors is a clear send-up of many popular zombie properties, it is a completely original story that Settipane thinks viewers are going to love. Stroller, Dick, and Betancourt are also slated to appear in the series.

Settipane Loves Telling Incredible Stories

These three productions are only the beginning for Settipane. He’s always looking for the next great story to tell. “I’ve always loved writing, fully engrossing myself in stories,” he says. “Working in film and TV has been a dream come true. These productions make up some of my most memorable experiences in the industry…I can’t wait to share them.” Beyond his works currently in development, he hopes to bring dozens of productions to screens across the world over the course of his long career in entertainment.

Learn more about the work of Jack Settipane, Dakota Kieras, and Lesnik Entertainment on IMDb. Reach out to Jack Settipane at Jack.Settipane@gmail.com.

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