Lose Yourself in Anurag Kureel’s Second Single – Khoya

13th August 2021, Bangalore: Just months after releasing his successful debut single, Kaagaz, Anurag Kureel now drops his second single, Khoya – a song about a man who was once lost but finally finds himself.

Khoya comes just months after the release of Anurag’s debut single, Kaagaz, which was officially released on Youtube in May 2021, gathering upwards of sixty-five thousand views in less than a month.

While Kagaaz was a song ‘that screams out loud enough to make you realize the importance of pouring down your emotions rather than piling them up’, Khoya speaks about things that we all can relate to – being lost in the echo of societal curriculums, realizing what we were taught was different than what life actually was.

Anurag’s soulful voice perfectly compliments the melancholic feel of the lyrics, infusing the song with a sense of hope.

“I wrote Khoya as a story – of a man who realizes that he cannot keep running away from things.”, said Anurag.

“It’s about someone who gives up on the lifestyle he was accustomed to and isolates himself from the concrete jungle of society as he finally begins to appreciate the important things in life – human connections.”

Taking up music at a very young age, Anurag dropped out of IIT Mumbai in 2016 to pursue his love for music and has worked and collaborated with over fifteen bands and played hundreds of live shows all across the country.

Speaking about music and its influences, Anurag said, “I try to create music around my experiences. So, I want to understand myself better as I put my thoughts into words. And, what’s better than putting your thoughts on a piece of paper to keep yourself at peace!

Anurag is currently wandering somewhere around the majestic hills of Himachal Pradesh working on his upcoming singles, and himself.

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