Lotanna Ezeike – The Successful CEO Of XPO

There are so many people who are examples to the generation of what to do in order to achieve success in life. Here we have Lotanna Ezeike, the CEO of a fabulous company named XPO.

The company is actually an amazing platform working for the people who want to get their invoices fast as a creator and influencer.
The idea of starting this start-up came to him and his three other members who own the business.

Lotanna thought that it’s really important to be unique in the field that they are working in.

Talking about their inspiration, Lotanna speaks they were inspired by the 2000 creators that use their iOS marketplace. Apart from that, they pay creators 90% of their invoice instantly. This way they never have to worry about late invoices again.

Meanwhile talking about the company’s reputation in the field they are working he says that “We built a #1 ranking marketplace that connected influencers and brands.”

XPO’s innovative approach helps foster a healthy relationship between brands and influencers. Constant late payments demotivate an influencer, and losing an influencer is very harmful to the brand. But if a brand is always paying upfront then it risks losing cash flow. When XPO is involved, the influencer gets instant payouts, and the brand pays at its pace without any pressure – hence everyone involved is happy.

However, XPO’s horizons are set on expanding. Lotanna wishes to scale up XPO through investments. He also has plans to partner up with big brands and offer XPO as an alternative payout option to influencers and agencies they work with. XPO has already worked with big brands like Nike and Experian and also has over 2000 influencers.

Later on they found that the real pain point was for creators getting invoices paid on time. Somehow they managed to get it on point.

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