Louis Gleize And His Fitness Apparel Brand ‘Loyal Fitness’ Are Making the World a Healthier and Fashionable Place, Here’s How

The COVID-19 pandemic saw an increase in the number of people who started focusing on their health and trying to lead a healthier lifestyle. This also saw a rise in many fitness brands growing in popularity among people world wide, one such brand is the Canada based apparel company Loyal Fitness.

Louis Gleize is the founder of Loyal Fitness, the young entrepreneur quit college to start his own company back in 2014 when he was only 17 years old. He wanted to focus entirely and dedicate all his time to his brand. Talking about the same, Louis shares, “Ever since I was a kid, I admired the likes of Jeff Bezos and Steve Jobs, people who made a name for themselves as self-made entrepreneurs. I knew I wanted to become an entrepreneur too so when I grew up I started studying and researching more about it. My other passion is fitness, so I combined both my passions and that is how Loyal Fitness was born.”

In 2016, when he first launched his company’s first collection, it received a tremendous response from the general public, the company sold out the entirety of their apparel collection quickly. Since then, both Louis and his company have been on the rise and he is one of the quickest growing entrepreneurs to watch out for.

What makes Louis Gleize and Loyal Fitness stand apart is the company’s pledge to contribute to charitable causes. A portion of each purchase made from Loyal Fitness is donated to UNICEF to help fight child malnutrition and help provide children across the world with basic necessities.

Louis is on his way to join the world’s top entrepreneurs by helping people live healthier and fashionable lives, watch out as he reaches for the sky.

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