Loversentiment, A Company Founded by two Seventeen Year Old best Friends, Is Fundamentally Changing the Way we Gift:

Loversentiment has innovated traditional gift giving, making it personal and memorable through photo customization.

Gift giving has always been a part of our everyday lives, whether for birthdays, anniversary’s graduations, holiday’s or just because. There is no better feeling than giving something they love, but on the contrary there is also no worse feeling of giving someone something they don’t like.

In today’s day and age, appreciation of a gift has become “too much about the monetary value of the gift, and not about the thoughtfulness and effort that went into that gift” says loversentiment’s Co-founder Matthew Epstein. “That’s where we step in, we make meaningful gifts that celebrate the special memories between you and your loved ones in the form of photos.”

What is Loversentiment?

When you go on loversentiment’s website you can see there two main products, the Lovebox and the Photo Popper. These two products have taken social media by storm, with over 100 million views on tiktok and advertisements all over my google searches, snapchat, tiktok and instagram.

The Lovebox is their best selling product, and while it’s very hard to describe in words exactly what it is, I’ll do my best. It starts off as a large hexagon box, then when you lift the lid, the six 6 sides of the hexagon fall revealing 6 of your photos. There is then another hexagon box which does the same thing. There are 4 hexagon boxes for a total of 24 of your photos, and also a small gift box in the middle. The photo popper is very different and is an

evolution of a card. It starts as an envelope but when you open the envelope and pull the tab two cubes pop out along with confetti. These cubes pop out with force so be aware! The cubes have 7 photos and a note on them.

Started just two years ago, loversentiment has already serviced over 25,000 customers in more than 50 countries. But how has the company been so successful? I asked George Lebberes and Matt Epstein, the 19 year old (yes they started the company when they were just 17!) founders of the company this question. “I think we have really cool products,” said Lebberes, “but moreover I believe that we satisfy a need in the market.”

Epstein added “at loversentiment we believe relationships are intimate and personal, and that gifts should be too. What’s personal or intimate about an expensive generic bracelet? Nothing is.” Loversentiment is all about celebrating your special memories, hence why their slogan is give the gift of memories.

If you ask me, Loversentiment is surely a disruptor in the gifting space and has a bright future ahead of it. As the world moves more and more digitally, celebrating our memories in the form of a surprising yet tangible product like loversentiments’ will become even more important and in demand.


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