LoveStruck Cosmetics Rose Through the Ashes

Cruelty-free makeup products are in high demand and so are the costs associated with them. As most of these products are interrelated to high-end makeup brands, it’s quite obvious that you would have to hit  your wallet in order to pick them.

But fortunately, it no longer has toas now several startups have come up with their own objectives by creating affordable cruelty-free makeup products, you can shop for harm-free makeup at great budget price points hassle-free.

That being said, one such brand that produces high-quality makeup products at an accessible range is Lovestruck Cosmetics.

It was established by two aspiring sisters Aditi and Pragati, who had always adored wearing lipsticks. But despite being lipstick lovers themselves, they could really never afford lipsticks from high-end cosmetics brands due to their expensive price tags. And that was when an idea hit their minds, the very prominent idea of creating their own cosmetic line where they would offer a huge collection of cruelty-free makeup products at an accessible price range.

Well, no journey towards success is easy, the creators of Lovestruck cosmetics too had to overcome obstacles on their way to reach their dream path.

At Lovestruck Cosmetics, you can choose a wide range of best cosmetic products at incredibly wallet-friendly prices. The brand believes in delivering high-performing products at incredibly wallet-friendly prices and strives to make things a little easier for its customers (when it comes to finding the right pick!).

And on top of everything, you will be surprised to know that Lovestruck Cosmetics was launched during the pandemic. The thought of launching a cosmetic line during a pandemic is frightening and challenging at the same time but these two brilliant sisters had been already prepared to face all the odds. Their brave decision of launching a cruelty-free cosmetic line  offering makeup products at rock-bottom prices during the pandemic is worth appreciating.

The creators of Lovestruck cosmetics’s incessant ability to believe in themselves has led them where they are today. They gave it all for what is required to be a successful brand and here they are—an affordable cosmetic brand consistently churning out on-trend cruelty-free launches to meet beauty demands of people of every kind.

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