Lucas Raven, Man of Travel, Style, and now Brand.


“A dream is not reality, but who’s to say which is which?”
— Alice Through the Looking Glass

We’re all a little mad when it comes to hats.

There is something about a well-constructed chapeau that boosts confidence and glamour, and makes whatever outfit you’re wearing into a piece. Hats and their wearers usually, pardon the pun, sit head and shoulders above the rest — and while people are not entirely sure why this is, it’s pretty much an unwritten rule of fashion.

What then could further elevate this elegant accessory? Well, it’s simple. The story, of course.

All good fashion pieces tell a gripping story. Enter: Raven x Metier. Born of the style and classic taste of Lucas Raven, the tastemaker and travel aficionado who has been inextricably linked to dapper hats since first coming onto the fashion scene in London, Paris, and across Asia in the late Noughties. Now a fashion powerhouse in his own right, the eclectic Mr. Raven has partnered with Metier, the cultural bridge between culture and luxury.

Metier supports a tradition that has been given international recognition by UNESCO as World Cultural Heritage for Humanity. The panama hats they make are handwoven by master-artisans who have passed these skills on for generations. All Metier hats are handmade and designed in Ecuador. Each piece is exceptional, full of heritage and authenticity that bridges the gap between ancient techniques and avant-garde genius.

“It was love at first sight,” enthused Lucas about Metier hats. “I’m very particular about what I wear, and since first donning my first Metier hat, I’ve never taken them off. I am so incredibly excited and humbled to be collaborating with such an iconic brand.”

“Moreover, Metier is keeping traditions alive and helping communities. There is so much more to it than what people wear on their heads — Metier weaves the tapestry of history, and I’m so happy to be part of this journey.”

Raven x Metier will be available in all Harvey Nichols department stores in the Middle East. To know more, visit

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