Ludovico Apollonio’s Story And How He Built A 7 Figure Ecommerce Business

Ludovico Apollonio’s journey as an entrepreneur is as inspirational as they come. The 28-year-old native of Southern Italy has had quite an interesting path.

His success is simply inspirational, and he still continues to surprise us and a lot of people want to learn the secrets of his successes, especially in digital marketing, and thankfully, he teaches this in his masterclass. He believes that digital marketing is big enough for everyone to carve their own niche and be successful in it.

Ludovico’s life has always revolved around entrepreneurship, he started out running a hotel, but his undergraduate in Economics at university La Sapienza in Rome showed his disposition as a natural entrepreneur. After his foray into real estate, he has gone on to develop a 7-figure dropshipping empire which is at the heart of his modern operations. 

Ludovico figured out a different way of doing e-commerce without owning or seeing the products that he sells, this business model is called dropshipping.

When Ludovico started his career, he had a very small budget to start, so he figured that dropshipping was an easier way of doing eCommerce, with this business model you don’t need a huge budget to start, also because you pay the products after making a sale.

Armed with this knowledge and his seven-figure success to back him up, he started his own course EcomAcademy where he teaches how to set up an eCommerce business from the ground up.  The course has been a massive hit, and some of his students even get their first sale within the first week of setting up.  Besides nurturing other entrepreneurs, Ludovico also runs his own Facebook Ads agency—, where he provides a platform for other businesses to reach a wider audience with digital advertising.


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