Luke Hessler, Founder of Insurance Branding, is Helping Agents Build Their Team Using Social Media

The outbreak of the pandemic has not only changed our way of life personally, but it has also altered the job market to a great extent. With millions losing their jobs overnight, there has been a consistent demand for new ways to create steady earnings globally. In this situation, it would not be an overstatement to say the insurance industry is one place that offers an opportunity anyone can leverage to earn additional income.

Insurance professionals can earn an unlimited amount, be their own bosses, and, most importantly, help people and their families get covered to find financial stability. However, the majority of the public has a completely different perception of the industry, where people look at insurance professionals as old-fashioned while trying to sell suspicious policies.

Luke Hessler, a branding expert, is bridging the gap between public perception and the participants of the insurance industry. Luke’s the founder and CEO of Insurance Branding, a digital marketing agency helping insurance professionals transform their online reputation.

An insurance agent trying to recruit other agents is likely to face a common barrier: trust. People don’t want to invest their time into an opportunity they don’t know anything about. Hessler knows this well because he has been there too, and successfully overcame the challenge by building his personal brand online.

Hessler started his career with a Network Marketing company, but originally failed to gain traction because no one would take him seriously as a businessman. Being looked down on as a broke college student, Hessler realized the importance of building credibility and reputation in the public eye.

He then started transforming his online presence from a casual college student to that of a serious professional, which is when things started falling into place. Hessler eventually built an organization of 30,000+ people by not only leveraging his online reputation to recruit top talent, but by teaching leaders in his organization how to do it as well!

Branding changed his life, and now Hessler wants insurance professionals to benefit from his knowledge. He realized that insurance companies struggle to recruit new agents despite the industry’s endless opportunities. The gap lies in the perception of the opportunity. Those inside the industry see it as life changing and those outside of it don’t.

According to Hessler, one strategy to solve this challenge would be the top-down approach, which would require rebranding the whole industry. However, Hessler states that transforming a trillion-dollar industry that has been around for over 100 years would take many years to achieve, so the alternative solution he suggests is the bottom-up approach. With this, Hessler focuses on rebranding the individual agents representing the industry in order to improve the overall reputation of the industry, one agent at a time. 

Insurance Branding offers Credibility Enhancement Programs (CEP’s) in order to help professionals grow and monetize their personal brands through Instagram, press, and education. The agency offers two programs that are the first of their kind. The Transformation Program is a 90-day one-on-one consultation program that condenses 3 to 5 years of branding into 3 months.

The Continuity Program is designed for those new to branding who want to dip their toe in the water before jumping in. Both programs include Instagram growth and engagement, digital PR, education, and private community access in order to help agents grow and monetize their personal brands by recruiting top talent on social media!

Through these innovative programs, Insurance Branding is helping agents build large organizations and protect more families! To learn more go to or follow them on Instagram at @ins_branding. 

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