Luxe Fashion Designer Samarpita Saha Opens up on the Importance of Floral Intricacies

When it comes to daily wear, there has been a misconception about wearing floral. While certain fashion influencers have chosen to restrict floral prints to off-duty events while some include florals when it comes to weddings and celebratory events. But the real question is why not include florals in your everyday wear.

India’s homegrown luxe fashion brand Label Samarpita Saha’s magnificent new collection stands testimony to it. Intricate detailing and flattering silhouettes are her strengths for sure, but it’s the way she plays with floral prints that have left fashion critics impressed.

Take a look at the Priroda collection and you’ll be left impressed. Her pretty lavender dress boasts detailed sunflower prints that will make you look like a ray of sunshine. On the other hand, her multi-colored dress Hibiscus Hues are subtle, soft, and perfect for date night.

“I’ve never understood the concept of categorizing florals into a slot – be it season or occasion. Florals are pretty, soothing to the eyes and moreover, they look good on every frame and in every fabric. There’s no way you can go wrong with florals. Don’t go by trends and fads, wear those florals every chance you get,” says the celebrated designer.

Not just florals, take a look at Samarpita’s other collections and you’ll see that none of her designs cater to traditional fashion norms. In fact, she’s changing quintessential patterns and styles to give extremely fashionable pieces. From a vibrant saree to the softest suit, Samarpita’s collections are a must-have in every fashionista’s wardrobe. Apart from Priroda, she has launched another collection ‘Rajmahal’ that is royal, regal, and ravishing.

“Why follow trends when you can set them? I believe in not following the boring trends and doing something that will ensure you stand out of the crowd,” the designer concludes. Go check out the lovely collection of outfits from Label Samarpita Saha on its official website

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