Mads Kristensen Changes his Life and the World around him with a Heart of Gold and Will of Steel

Mads Kristensen had an amazing childhood growing up in Denmark. He is very grateful to his parents for showing him the incredible value of family. He feels he owes the world to his mother who educated him from home after he got thrown out of 11 different schools. She did such a great job preparing him for exams that he aced all of them!  “My sister was always the “good angel” doing everything right, and me, I always made trouble.” Mads humbly and humorously shares about his rambunctious beginnings.

He has many fond memories of family trips traveling to different places. He recalls the best family trip was back in 1992 when they went to the United States and drove to many states. It was a great time for him to be reunited with all of them together. Mads is deeply motivated to make them proud and show that their support is appreciated.

After becoming a full-time member of Hell’s Angels in Denmark at the age of 23, Mads eventually ended up leaving when his father didn’t want anything to have to do with him while he was in the club. When his father saw that he had changed his life path, Mads was once again accepted and now they have a good relationship and more construction business together.

Originally from Denmark, where he acted in television shows and gained celebrity status, Mads has been living in Germany for the past 15 years. In Germany, he has grown greatly into a focused businessman. He opened his first shop in 2010. At 39 years old, Mads is self-employed now with vast and diverse business ventures in construction, bar, disco, tattoo parlors, & fight events. He made his professional debut as a boxer in the heavyweight division in November 2019 in Denmark. Being a fighter in boxing gave him the confidence to take chances, and that fighter spirit has helped him excel in the business world.

Mads now owns the brand Tattoo Fashion which is the biggest tattoo parlor chain in the world! It is located in Denmark, Sweden, Germany, and Spain. Even though he passes on the nightlife for a productive early morning routine, Mads also has a popular rock bar in Flensburg where people in the community come together for bonding and having a good time. He has a reputation for being very correct and living righteously.

Mads Kristensen has worked very hard for his success, and he enjoys giving back whenever he can. Mads gives back in the form of donations to all kinds of institutions like homeless shelters, animal shelters, and poverty programs. Last Christmas, he visited families that didn’t have much and gave them presents for the kids and food for their holiday. As a car fanatic, Mads especially enjoyed giving all the people who always dreamed about getting a ride in a Lamborghini a free ride on a beautiful day.

Mads has a will of steel and a heart of gold. He is a leader who believes wholeheartedly in honesty, humbleness, and communication. In his spare time, Mads loves to read, spend time with friends, and go out to restaurants to try new food.

He really loves to eat! He stays hungry even in his goals and pursuits. A pillar of tenacity, his motto is “giving up is not an option.” He shares his courageous life authentically on Instagram. Without any borrowed feathers, Mads inspires and motivates his followers. You can also find Mads on instagram networking to continue his expansion as an entrepreneur.

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