Magnetic Lash Tile Creator Shanari Aceituno, Founder of Purli.Co

Purli.Co consistently embarks on a mission to create products the beauty Industry will absolutely adore, and that’s apparent with this chic brand’s latest launch: Magna, A magnetic lash tile.
Magna threatens to revolutionize the lash industry for lash professionals and consumers alike. Purli.Co has utilized the lasted technology to create something never before seen in this age of beauty and luxury lashes.

An invention highly awaited by novice lash artists and connoisseurs alike is taking the lux lash industry by storm and aims to optimize overall performance and customer satisfaction.

This exceptionally innovative magnetic tile will be breaking new ground by canceling out tedious and avoidable tweezer loss and damage during service and general use. Ensuring tweezer protection, bid adieu to unnecessary time and materials wasted.

This leading-edge palette is equipped with a matte finish for ultimate visibility during applications, a cover to safeguard your lashes, along ingenious magnets to prevent tweezers from ever falling again. “Once you go MAGNA, you never go BACKA!” Not only is this the most all-encompassing casing for lash protection and application but it’s available in multiple sleek and trendy colors for creative lash styles.

Magna was created to assist Lash technicians in boosting efficiency with application time and productive use of workspace. Allowing your tweezers and supplies to be readily positioned nearby during application will not only help to expedite the process; but, also the magnets will conveniently prevent any damages to the essential application tools.

Undoubtedly resulting in an enhanced customer experience, and high-end quality work that encapsulates the essence of true beauty and confidence. A product based on efficiency was the goal and indeed we surpassed it.

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