Maitland Hanley’s Advice to Up and Coming Social Media Stars

Every year, a new wave of creative millennials and gen z set out to conquer social media stardom. However, with this in mind it also becomes harder every year to become famous on social media. Niches become saturated, competition increases and then those who come out on top are the ones who truly innovate their content. 

Maitland Hanley, a content creator from Queensland, Australia shares with us his insight on how it is still very possible to become the next big online creator. 

Maitland suggests for future social media content creators to really place an emphasis on being yourself and applying your own unique twists to your content. “Being unique on social media is absolutely key, it’s important to keep in mind that people are following you for who you are not from pretending to be someone that you’re not.” He also adds that it’s important to learn from your past mistakes “e.g failed content” and use these to always be improving. 

Social media is always changing, especially with the more recent explosion of the short form video content platform “TikTok”. In the past year we’ve seen creators go from 0 followers to millions just due to the platform’s natural ability to favor good content rather than just people who are already famous. Creators should all be taking advantage of that. 

A lot of social media stars also experience hoards of hate, and those who really succeed in this space are almost able to treat it as it doesn’t exist. Maitland went on to say, “With success comes hate, learn to not be discouraged by other comments” 

We asked Maitland for his top tips for up and coming social media creators, and he suggested that it is of vital importance to believe in yourself and work day through night to make your dreams a reality. He also stated that you may lose friends from your choice of career path and it is your responsibility to understand that not everyone will support you.

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