Major Marketing Trends To Bear In Mind For 2021

It’s no surprise that 2020 was a tough year for almost everyone, especially business owners. With the coverage of vaccines, everyone started to plan for a slow recovery. Businesses want to bounce back or at the very least improve where they stand compared to their competitors.

As the SEO Toronto expert, Gilmedia wants to introduce the top marketing trends worth noting for this year.

Tons of Opportunities from e-Commerce

The most obvious outcome following the global pandemic is that businesses had to shift online because in-person shopping was no longer a feasible option. By moving the business online, business owners open up to new opportunities.

Digitizing the business allows business owners to stay in touch with the consumers, enhancing their experience, as well as providing them excellent customer support. What’s more, a business can even save on costs by stopping renting physical stores or hiring salespeople on site.

Automated and Track-able Advertising

Businesses no longer need to create paper flyers to send to local mailboxes and have no idea how those advertising efforts work. Basically anything marketing and advertising related – is being optimized by automation. In fact, automation has been on a steady growth for a number of years – however, with more businesses shifting online, hyper-automation is inevitable.

Consider the Google Ads platform. Google Ads enable businesses to reach tons of relevant consumers by providing trackable results. The searcher will be presented with the most relevant ad.

This could lead to more traffic for the page, as well as possible conversions. Best of all, you can even do remarketing later on after collecting enough data from consumers. You can choose to present to the most relevant consumers and know exactly how those expenses turn into conversions.

The technology may not be perfect yet, but with the global focus shifting to online marketing and advertising and efficiency being key to achieving results – hyper-automation is the logical next step.

Influencer Marketing

This trend has been popular for a while. Research shows that consumers are more likely to engage in user-generated content. Influencer-generated content has more appeal for consumers. When they are idly browsing social media, they can get attracted by the influencer’s content they always trust.

Since micro and nano influencers (those with 25k followers or less) have the highest engagement rates – these are the individuals business owners need to reach out to.

Optimize local SEO

Localization becomes an important factor in SEO as people have become used to searching on google for local services like appliance repair, plumbing, landscaping services, car detailing, etc. To get the most leads and conversions, you need to compete for the top ranking when local people search.

Using Google My Business to list the page is a must-do. However, it takes time and effort to get good reviews, update images and information and earn a 5-star rating. During the pandemic, people need to check everything carefully before they head out.

As a result, a business owner might face more competition. Therefore, it is necessary for local businesses to optimize their GMB profile, add updated information and build long term relationships with their customers.

User-Friendly Design

Having a user-friendly website simply means that the searcher is directed to a relevant page, where the information is easy to comprehend and consume, and they are able to stay long enough to find their ideal products, thus making the purchase decisions. The main thing is to make content nicely organized and easy to navigate for consumers.

Another aspect to keep in mind is ensuring the information on the website is easy for search engines to crawl through. You need to have a good site map that is simple, concise and straightforward.  In this way, the search engine will be able to index your information correctly. A good way to ensure the perfect index from Google is to use headlines, titles and subtitles accurately to send proper signals to Google.

Making sure to incorporate appropriate call to actions (CTAs) is also a key move for persuading consumers to make the purchase.. In fact, every page should have some type of CTA. This could be anything from a form, or even a ‘Shop Now’ page with a cart. This is because not only does that guide the audience to the next step, it also keeps the searcher on the page longer.

As mentioned earlier, Google takes into consideration how long a person spends on the website. It can also be helpful if you can recommend similar products to the customers to keep them stay engaged on your website.  This drastically improves user experience, which could help boost the SEO rank in the process.

Connecting with marketing specialists at Gilmedia this year will be a beneficial move for any business owners. They have a professional team of marketing specialists to come up with the most effective plans to keep your business growing and getting more sales. Those experts can be reached at (647) 478-5858.

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