Make an Impression by Properly Polishing Your Car

A lot of people are surprised when they hear that car wax has been around longer than cars themselves. This is because the original cars were not powered by engines but drawn by animals like horses. That is why we also use the term horsepower. As for the wax, it was originally developed to protect the wood used in the carriage from weather elements. While that was a completely different product when compared to the car waxes of today, the purpose was not that different. While the old wax prevented the wood from disintegrating, the current wax allows you to preserve the good looks of your car and keep it shiny.

Presently, there are countless choices when it comes to car wax and one of the best types available nowadays is wax sprays. These are incredibly convenient to use and have quickly gained popularity. You should understand what the different types of wax are and why a wax spray is something that you should invest in as a car owner.

Types of Wax

Car wax types can go in multiple dimensions depending on how you want to categorize them. The two most important are function and ingredients and their types have been defined here.

  1. Cleaning Wax: This is a type of wax that you see in use with older cars mostly. This is chemically stronger and allows for a decent cleaning job as well along with the polishing and protection aspect.
  2. Finishing Wax: This type of wax is what you use for most new cars and even older ones as long as they are in good condition from the outside. The purpose of these is to make sure that the car looks pristine after a proper washing and cleaning session.
  3. Natural Wax: This can be any car wax that is made using natural ingredients. These typically include distillates of petroleum and different oils. The result is a highly glossy finish that people tend to love.
  4. Synthetic Wax: this wax is made using chemical components and is used primarily for its long-lasting effect. It may not have the strong shine that natural wax produces but it can adhere to the body properly and may last up to a full year on a single wax depending on where you live.

Why Use Spray Wax?

You can find conventional wax in the form of a paste or a liquid, but spray wax is an entirely different thing. It takes the convenience factor to a whole new level and requires minimal effort from your end. By using a good car wax spray you are essentially removing most of the thorough rubbing process that is involved with paste or liquid waxes.

One thing to keep in mind though is that spray wax is meant for light use. It gets applied fairly quickly but is not meant for cleaning purposes. Older cars would therefore get less benefit from this product than newer ones. However, the convenience factor alone is enough to have a spray in your collection anyway for a quick application.


If you truly care about your car you must realize how important it is to apply wax to it as a finishing touch. Without applying wax, you are simply not giving your car the love that it deserves. However, people often tend to go for a quick wash without applying wax thinking that it would take too long. With a good wax spray in your cleaning supplies, you can cut that time down exponentially and be able to give your car the full care treatment that it truly deserves so get yourself a spray right away!

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