Make Instagram Instrumental For Your Brand By Following Key Strategies

Instagram provides high brand awareness levels, enhanced engagement with customers, and eventually high profit on the table. With the following tips, you can use Instagram to build your brand on social media.

Foster a Community

Creating a community of highly engaged followers is crucial to develop a strong presence on Instagram. Engagement can come in many forms, such as followers sharing the content, interacting with the brands, tagging in pictures and comments, and clicking on the call-to-action links. These few ways can help you to understand the viewpoint of the viewers.

Valuable Content

Post valuable content on the social media application. It is unworthy of your post attracts only crickets. The posts which possess no likes will not land anywhere to give gains. Posts that followers do not share will only attract comments from spambots. You can gain free Instagram likes from several third-party sites with absolutely not much effort and in no time.

Crack Instagram Algorithm

It sometimes becomes difficult to calculate the potential of the post before actually doing the deed. A little thorough knowledge about the crucial aspects and you are good to go. One also needs to understand that such social media platforms are nothing but feeds. Therefore, the newer the content, the higher up it will occur in followers’ feeds.

Primarily, you need to consider the time you are posting. Posting at the wrong time will not push the post up in the Instagram SEO technique. To curtail this problem, you can create a pipeline of automated updates to let followers check out your post. You can use tools and analytics to check the activities of your followers. Analyze the followers’ activities and schedule your posts at the correct timings to receive optimum reach. Posting when a large number of followers are online ensures that the content will work overtime for the brand.

Apart from the time, other crucial factors that determine getting your update high on someone’s feed are as follows:

  • The relationship with the person also matters. If you regularly comment and like a viewer’s post, the application will know that you have a strong relationship with this follower and ensure that you and the person will keep seeing each other’s posts.
  • Make sure you keep updating new posts to stay put in the race of the feed.
  • Instagram does not consider itself as a popularity contest through its algorithm. However, it will consider the likes and comments a post has before deciding what gets on your feed.
  • Direct shares play a substantial role in the Instagram algorithm. For instance, if your viewers share your post with a friend, they are more likely to see similar posts in the future.

If someone searches for a particular profile, Instagram will know the person’s interest in the person’s post, showing them their posts or suggesting them to follow the account.

Ask for Engagement

Many brands do not attain success as people do not engage with their photos. Include a call to action in your descriptions to make sure followers engage with the content. You can follow easy tactics such as asking them to double-tap if they agree with the content or asking them to tag their friends to the post.

Instagram provides high potential for brands in all industries. If you learn to use it strategically, it can significantly impact your reach, building awareness revolving around your brand.

Influence the Instagram Influencers 

A few questions that you need to answer are as follows:

  • Which accounts do your target audiences follow?
  • Are they readily influenced?
  • What types of posts do they like the most?
  • What kind of posts and stories does the influencer use to impress their fan following?

Once you brainstorm about these questions, the next step is the execution. Seek such influencers and ask them if they can help you with a promoted post. As most influencers mention in their bios about their availability for paid promotions, it is more comfortable than it seems to. Ideally, they will agree to post in exchange for free products. Moreover, you can offer promo codes, vouchers, discounts, and other tangible and intangible valuables in this barter system strategy.

However, not to get into a loss, make sure you keep conditions about the influencer’s followers. If the people follow the influencer and promote your brand, only the influencer will obtain a set reward. In such a way, both are at equal stands.

Comment on Posts

Engaging with the viewers majorly includes commenting on people’s posts. Engaging someone with comments works better than liking the posts. When you comment, your Instagram handle will get more exposure in comparison to other methods.

Can You Tag a Friend?

Hosting a giveaway on Instagram is one of the popular ways to gain followers. However, to get it right, you need to set the strategy up properly. An Instagram giveaway can require your follower to tag a friend in the comment. In addition to that, that friend must also follow the account to qualify in the giveaway. Set such rules that will increase your followers. Moreover, with the comments, you can catch hold of new followers. You can get creative in this aspect, attracting more and more followers.

Give Them Intent 

Giving people a reason to follow you is vital. An Instagram success occurs when the account is customer or viewer-centric. Focusing on what the viewers need is crucial then to fill your feed with narcissistic pictures. For instance, if your company works for a charitable reason, you can encourage people to follow you to check out the several good works you’ll do and emphasize social wellbeing. On the other hand, if you have a fashion product that you want to sell on Instagram, tell them you will give them style inspirations for several occasions. Incentivizing them with the content will hook them up with your account profile instead of merely pushing them to follow you.

Instagram hacks mentioned above can help any person gain more followers and reach out to more target audiences, ultimately building your brand.


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