Make way for the Newest Star in the World of Entertainment – Preeti Kuntal.

This mesmerizing beauty, model/actress has also impacted the lives of animals with her social work.

The kind of success and the level of momentum certain individuals achieve in their careers and lives often make us wonder what could be the things that might have helped them reach such exponential levels of success.

There could be many factors, but nothing really beats the powerful combination of passion and perseverance, believes Preeti Kuntal, a mesmerizing beauty with a luminous face radiating tremendous talent in the world of entertainment.

Though the industry is filled with many talented beings, but professionals like Preeti Kuntal still make sure to create their unique standing even amidst much competition, thanks to their relentless drive and love for what they choose to do.

Who is Preeti Kuntal, you ask? Well, she hails from Mathura/Delhi, and since a very early age was inclined towards all things creative and artistic, she confesses. Realizing what she wanted to do in life, Preeti Kuntal jumped into the entertainment niche and, since then, has never looked back. She has worked around her innate skills and talents and honed them each day to become her better version and entertain her audiences with her variety of work.

Today, Preeti Kuntal is a well-known Indian model, actress, celebrity show host, and entrepreneur. On asking what led her to enter the entertainment space, Preeti Kuntal said, “I always knew I had it in me, so I thought why not flaunt it!” This confidence and her natural charm helped her become the 1st Runner-up of MTV Roadies. Her passion for fitness also led her to become the National Gold medallist in powerlifting.

The young beauty landed up with several exciting offers in acting and became a part of many Hindi, Punjabi, and Haryanvi songs. The industry and the audiences couldn’t take their eyes off her for her impeccable performances with each of her projects, which also earned her many awards. However, what has attracted people’s attention more is Preeti Kuntal’s social work for the voiceless souls, the animals, for Animals Rescues, for which she has joined hands with an NGO.

Preeti Kuntal, on advising many other up and coming and young talents, says that people must work with a strong self-belief and, instead of waiting for the right opportunities, take action and create newer opportunities for themselves be it in any field.

For the future, she wants to keep spreading her magic in the entertainment space and grow further as an artist and as an individual. To know more, follow her on Instagram @kuntalpreeti.

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Written by Matthew Thomas

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