Make Your Family Day Even Better By Pit Stopping By Ventura’s Newest Endeavor: A Mediterranean Eatery By The Name of The Hummus Republic

What better way to kick off the reopening of amusement parks and summer by making a pit stop by the infamous Six Flags in Ventura County!? What even better way to kickstart your adventure than by stopping by a family-friendly Mediterranean food joint, The Hummus Republic. As of May 26, The Hummus Republic opened its newest location in Ventura County, California.

Established by a group of friends in 2013 who wanted to bring their families’ authentic Mediterranean cuisines on the go, The Hummus Republic now has franchises across the United States, with owners who share the same values as the eatery. The idea of franchising is important to the initial owners, as they put a prominent emphasis on the idea of individual success.

While their main goal is the success of their business, the objective for The Hummus Republic is to get as many diverse people involved in their concept as possible. In addition to rapid growth, the eatery places an emphasis on environmentalism and is committed to fostering a community that emphasizes the well-being of its consumers and the products they are ingesting.

The Hummus Republic’s mission is to provide flavorful, convenient, and primarily plant-based meals to their community, as well as create accessibility to healthy, real food. They believe food has the power to build connections and strengthen communities.

In a world where society is focused on unity and inclusion, it’s important to leverage the usage of food and restaurants. Individuals from diverse backgrounds come together to enjoy food and to enjoy an outside meal, and for a restaurant to focus on bringing communities together via their service is just what the world needs right now!

More on The Hummus Republic’s Ventura Location: the menu style is “Build Your Own” with custom wraps, pitas, and bowls. You are able to completely customize your order with all your favorite ingredients.

First, you choose your base and up to three different types of your desired hummus flavors. There are a variety of spreads to choose from, so you are bound to find one you like! Next, you choose a protein and unlimited toppings, with a choice of dressing to top it all off.

Courtesy of The Hummus Republic

The Hummus Republic has an option for anyone looking for a Mediterranean bite. As more people receive the COVID-19 vaccine, and restrictions become more lenient, now is the perfect time to try out a new, healthy, and family-friendly restaurant in your area! The Hummus Republic is a “fast food” restaurant without guilt.

To stay up to date with The Hummus Republic and any openings in your city, be sure to follow the eatery on Instagram!

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