Make Yourself Financially Literate With Bjorn “Beez” Hendricks

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You can learn to earn money. You can even save a good amount of money but can you say that your savings will make you financially independent? Are savings enough to gain financial stability?

Financial stability is gained by the regular cash flow in and out of your pocket. But how can one assure this flow in 9-5 jobs? This calls for a side hustle and, more importantly, developing a true business – the newly preferred lifestyle of people post-pandemic. For this, people need mentors and Beez is here to help.

Bjorn “Beez” Hendricks – An Intro

Bjorn Hendricks is the founder of various businesses in different industries. He has worked in corporations like Accenture and Microsoft and after that, he decided to quit his 9-5 to move into full-time entrepreneurship.

Coming from a small background and with four kids, Beez has achieved far from what many can think of. He has streamlined all of his businesses and today he is moving forward with the vision to help all the other aspiring entrepreneurs achieve what he did. He founded the Business Builders Institute where he mentors and educates people on financial literacy and entrepreneurship. He provides a strong network to people who want to achieve bigger things in life.

What Sets Beez Apart?

Beez is formally trained in what he teaches. He is certified in best practices such as Lean Six Sigma, Lean IT, ITIL, CISSP, Project management, and more. Since he has corporate experience, it has also honed his overall professional skills.

He worked as an IT Strategy Management Consultant for some of the biggest consulting firms. He gained experience working with Fortune 500 companies and government agencies by helping them to improve their operations through re-engineering processes, systems, and people. This encouraged him to implement all this experience into his entrepreneurial life and all of his companies. After flourishing things for himself, he has finally started teaching these concepts to others.

Most people have heard the quote “A jack of all trades is a master of none.” But Beez says that the real quote demonstrates everything he does when it comes to business. “A jack of all trades is a master of none but oftentimes better than a master of one!”

This matches his brand because he teaches people that they can do multiple things as long as they do it in the right and structured way. Beez believes in focusing on credit and financial literacy because that will help to fund a lot of your business endeavors and growth.

Beez keeps searching for other positive and like-minded entrepreneurs because he believes that they definitely are out there. He wants to train them and make them financially liberated so that they can start their own journey.

For the coming future, Beez plans to expand The Business Builder Institute. He wants it to be considered as an alternative educational experience to traditional college curriculum and to enroll more and more people so that he can help them achieve the luxury of entrepreneurship.

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