Making a Difference: Dr. Michael Dattoli and the Dattoli Cancer Center

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Cancer is arguably the most feared diagnosis in the world. It is not only a diagnosis that invokes fear and dread but also changes lives forever. The diagnosis of cancer today, however, doesn’t carry quite the same gravity and dread it once did. That is because of people like Dr. Michael Dattoli and the Dattoli Cancer Center, who are making a difference.

Yes, a cancer diagnosis is still traumatizing. Yes, this diagnosis will change things considerably, but no, it no longer means finality. In many situations and often with early detection, cancer is beaten, or people continue to live productive and full lives even while fighting this battle.

The battle against this deadly disease doesn’t stop because cancer doesn’t stop. There are also many types of cancer, and it affects people and families everywhere. If there is a silver lining here, it is that the prominence and seriousness of this disease keep it at the forefront of our conversations, thoughts, and efforts.

Dr. Michael Dattoli and the Dattoli Cancer Center: Making a Difference in Cancer Treatment

Those efforts have resulted in treatment options today that are better, more effective, and less harmful than those in years past. Namely, advances in radiation-based treatments have vastly improved. On the leading edge of those advancements has been the Dattoli Cancer Center.

Dynamic Adaptive Radiation Therapy (DART), which uses multidimensional technologies, is one example of the work Dr. Michael Dattoli and the Dattoli Cancer Center have spearheaded. Integrating AlignRT ( a sophisticated and patent-protected 3D stereo camera system) with DART technologies makes for safer and more accurate treatments.

That is only one of the many ways and fronts where the Dattoli Cancer Center is making a difference in how cancer is treated. And it is also one more way they are making a difference in the fight against this ugly disease.

Making a Difference in the Fight

There is no cure for cancer, but there is help, there are treatments, and cancer can be put in remission or, in the best case scenario, removed or destroyed. The great news is every day. There are advancements, improvements, and work being done to defeat cancer.

Michael Dattoli is not only making a difference in the fight but is also leading the way. Until there is a cure, the next best thing is defeating this disease. While the battle is steep, victories continue to come.

Sometimes those victories look like new treatments, a better treatment application, or an advancement in treatments. What it all adds up to is one more step towards defeating this disease. It is important, as Dr. Dattoli will also remind us, that we shouldn’t forget that this is more about people than it is a disease.

Making a Difference in Lives

At the end of the day, and when the final bell has rung for families contending with a cancer diagnosis, battling cancer isn’t a fight against disease but for lives. For every cancer diagnosis, there is another reason and family to fight for, and for Dr. Dattoli, one more chance to make a difference.

The end may or may not be in sight, but it is definitely getting closer. Until then, technological and treatment advancements will continue to help people and families cope with and fight this disease.

His work and the work of the center are well-known, but it isn’t the accolades or awards that push Dr. Michael Dattoli toward a means to eradicate cancer. Dr. Michael Dattoli and the Dattoli Cancer Center are making a difference, but his proudest and most important accomplishment is making a difference in people’s lives.

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