Making Financial Literacy Great Again: Kevin A. Rodas’ KR27 Financial Strategies Group is Sharing Strategies for Better Financial Guidance

As the founder and CEO of digital marketing agency KR27, Kevin A. Rodas serves many entrepreneurs making six figures. Because of the large income of his clients, Kevin didn’t presume he could help them financially.

As Kevin helped his clients scale and grow, he realized many of them did not know as much about financial literacy as he imagined. It occurred to him that he could help individuals and business owners to not only increase their revenue but to also better handle their finances.

Passionate about financial literacy, Kevin would regularly meet with people in his community to give them advice on saving, investing, buying a home, and more. He was struck by how few people—even business owners—knew how to properly budget their money.

As rewarding as this work was, constant one-on-one meetings left Kevin feeling spread too thin. He decided he needed to find a way to increase his impact while being economical about how he was spending his time.

Creating An Online Community

Still committed to the idea of making financial literacy accessible to everyone, Kevin consolidated his one-on-one meetings into one place where he could reach everyone: a Facebook group.

KR27’s Facebook group is committed to spreading free financial literacy information to anyone looking to learn. It is available to everyone, from everyday people to successful entrepreneurs and business owners. The group provides both general financial acumen as well as more specific information tailored to business owners.

In the Facebook group, people can learn how to budget their monthly earnings, save with their current salaries, and strategize how they pay their taxes.

It also allows for a community to grow, where people can ask for advice, and share their victories. 

Leveling Up Your Financial Literacy

Kevin understands, however, that different people have different needs when it comes to better handling their finances.

To cater to the diverse needs of the people he serves, Kevin created two courses for members of his community looking to level up their financial knowledge even further.

The first course is geared more towards working people looking to get a better understanding of how they can control their finances. This course contains foundational budgeting skills, such as those needed for preparing to buy a house.

The second course is more suited to Kevin’s business-owner clientele, containing more aggressive financial tactics for investing, saving on taxes, and more.

By consolidating his expansive community into one place, Kevin can serve his vast network of people more efficiently. As well as produce more customized content designed to meet people exactly where they are. No matter who you are, you can find what you are looking for in Kevin’s courses.

KR27 is committed to helping people across the financial spectrum and believes everyone should have equal access to financial guidance. Course members get access to weekly livestreams with guests knowledgeable in their respective fields, as well as one-on-one conversations with Kevin A. Rodas himself.

If you are interested in learning how you can gain control over your finances, you can reach out to Kevin on Instagram, Facebook, or send an email to his assistant. You may also discover more of his content on Youtube or by visiting their company website here.

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