Making His Mark as a Trial Attorney and Personal Injury Lawyer Is Robby Fakhouri.

It is always surreal to know and learn about all those professionals across fields from different parts of the world who believe in reaching for excellence in whatever they choose to do in their careers and lives. This very attitude to keep learning, honing one’s skills and walking in sync with the changing times of their respective fields help them stand apart from others in their industry. The legal industry is one that has thrived many such talented beings and one name that tops the list is RobbyFakhouri of The Fakhouri Firm in Chicago, Illinois.

Robby is a personal injury attorney dedicated to protecting the legal rights of victims who have sustained catastrophic injuries or were killed because the wrongful conduct of others. Knowing your rights under the law is important, and having an effective attorney representation is vital. Robby has proved he is just that.

His one of a kind law firm named The Fakhouri Firm, LLC, based in Chicago, Illinois, has come forward to be a ray of light and hope to the injured and their families through his endless efforts in obtaining justice for them and helping recover millions of dollars on their behalf.

The Fakhouri Firm focuses on personal injury litigation, including motor vehicle incidents, sexual abuse cases, and civil rights matters. As a robust trial attorney, Robby Fakhouriprotects the rights and entitlements of those who suffer an injury or loss of a loved one caused by the negligence of someone else. In so doing, he has been able to use the media as a vehicle to assist in shining a light on those cases of important social significance, raising awareness on issues that affect humanity.

He is a graduate of Chicago-Kent College of Law, where he focused on trial advocacy and criminal litigation. He was an active member of the school’s nationally recognized trial advocacy team and, during his time as a competitor, gained national award winning recognition for his knowledge and skills in both writing and trial advocacy. He earned his Juris Doctor in 2013 and was licensed to practice law in the State of Illinois atjust 23 years old—one of the youngest of his time.

Through his consistent efforts and with the help of his powerful team at The Fakhouri Firm, Robert continues to seek justice andobtain the favorable outcomes that his clients deserve.

To learn more, visit the website follow him on Instagram @robby_esquire.

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