Making Money as a YouTube Star, With Jairo Escobar


For all of those who haven’t had their head in the sand for the last few years, YouTube is an online video-sharing platform. This multi-million-dollar corporation makes its money through generating user-made content. Users upload videos, collect subscribers and keep other users coming back for more.

Where does Jairo Escobar come into all of this? As a young man, Jairo started a highly successful career as a D3 ranked professional paintball player when he lived in Venezuela’s home country. Later, he would move to Canada, effectively quashing his dreams of becoming a world-ranked player. 

On the back of that demoralizing move, Jairo set out to start a new career in Canada. However, he did make a comeback in 2020 to play in the Ontario Paintball League of 2021 to draw some much-needed attention back into the game. No, it wasn’t to be paintballing that made Jairo his small fortune; it was YouTube.

Becoming a YouTube star

How do you become a YouTube star? According to Jairo Escobar, it starts with mucking around making semi-educational, semi-hilarious videos in your bedroom. Once you have the footage recorded (apparently the most challenging part), a few editing lessons (taken through other YouTube channels) are all that stand between you and a successful first post.

Once you have made the channel you wish to post from, created an exciting bio for that channel, and have a regular stream of one video per week or more emerging, you can go into full production courtesy of YouTube. How do you make money from it? There are several paths to monetize your channel, but the immediate resolution is to post regular content to increase your following.

How do you make money using YouTube?

Firstly, we have to work out what your niche will be. To do this, think about something that you do well but a little differently from everyone else. If you have an eccentric personality or are otherwise outstanding from the crowd, you should amass a following over time.

Like Jairo Escobar, you can monetize your page by placing ads on the videos and collecting revenue over time. Pay per click pays out per thousand views, allowing you to generate an income stream that becomes passive from the moment you upload the finished product. All you have to do from then on is rinse and repeat the process until you are rich.

What makes Jairo Escobar so remarkably outstanding as a content creator? He set out to create the first-ever Latino run but Toronto-based Media company. He later sold it for an enormous profit, of course, but the idea was all his own. Despite being one of the biggest up-and-coming influencers of 2021, he remains humble. Raising other Latino stars is crucial to him… as is growing his brand.


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