Making Moves With Shane Gregoire: 5 Business Lessons From a Self-Mastery Guru

When Shane Gregoire was just 15, he threw himself into the business world with the creation of his software company Rocket Powered Sound. As a teenager, he was flush with money and business sense — but knew something was missing. With a heavy focus on self-improvement and investing in emotional intelligence and social dynamics, Gregoire founded with the mission to help other men reach their own full potential. 

Rooted in his own passion for personal development and self-improvement, Gregoire shares his top five tips for fellow self-starters and business people below. From investing in things that make you better to fully engaging in your own message, Gregoire’s tips are paramount for those looking to build their own businesses.

Invest in the true self first: Throughout Gregoire’s life, he always felt awkward and off-balance, as so many of us do. He went the so-called mainstream route to remake himself, eventually making a ton of money through his startup, Rocket Powered Sound, and creating social profiles that he thought would immediately solve his confidence issues. However, the material method of fixing things didn’t quite work. “One day, an epiphany hit me like a truck. Instead of trying to change all these outside things, why don’t I just change my inner self,” Gregoire says. “At that moment, I shipped everything I owned out to Europe, where I could start fresh. I invested tens of thousands of my own money into direct mentoring from industry-leading dating coaches, Olympic-level sports psychologists, billionaires, and trauma work specialists. I spent my free time reading books on social dynamics, metaphysics, and emotional control. Every day, I spent at least three hours meeting people at the mall or nightclubs. I did this for six months, and experienced a transformation beyond comprehension.”

Trust the calling: After all of the time Gregoire spent rebuilding his inner self and a sense of confidence, he felt the call to work towards something bigger than himself. Instead of focusing on his software company, Rocket Powered Sound, Gregoire decided to throw his efforts into helping other men undergo the same transformation he had by creating a formula for building strong men. “After 6 months of work, the first version was complete. I called it the ‘Social Freedom Formula’, and it is designed to help men develop real confidence that attracts women within 56 days,” Gregoire told us. “Since then, we’ve had over 500 success stories and I cannot be more thrilled.” By focusing on his calling versus the business he had previously built, Gregoire has been able to channel his efforts into building a brand-new, successful business that changes lives.

Walk the talk: As the creator and owner of a business that makes its money teaching men to be confident and true to themselves, Gregoire focuses heavily on his own sense of self. As a business owner, it’s imperative to believe deeply in what you’re doing. After all, if you don’t, why should anyone else? For Gregoire, focusing sincerely on his own self-development has been absolutely imperative to his own success. During his own journey, Gregoire has truly absorbed one of the key tenets to his own business: “Confidence isn’t reliant on outside things (looks, money, car, etc.),” he says. “True confidence is generated on the inside.”

Money may be important, but it shouldn’t be the be-all-end-all: For Gregoire — and for most other business leaders at some point — it was hard to separate an appreciation for money from a desire to truly change the world. While world-changing is great, it’s not often an instant gratification in the way a check is. However, world-changing is what will keep you going. “My focus used to be money, and just like my confidence problem, I was left unfulfilled and unsatisfied. I had an ego-death experience that opened my eyes and showed me the true point of life,” Gregoire says. “Sure, I could go ahead and keep building my tower higher and higher, but how did I actually change the world for the better? Who will give a shit when I’m dead? This woke me up. I don’t work to make money anymore. I create bad-ass systems that change people’s lives because I genuinely care and love them.”

Don’t live to work: As a business owner or a startup founder, it can be difficult to step away from the job. However, a lack of stepping away from your job can quickly, quickly lead to burnout and distaste for the work you’re doing, no matter how important it may be. Gregoire learned this himself, and came away with some good advice from it: “Work when you feel inspired because joy is your true compass to your higher self,” Gregoire says. “When you work 24/7, you never allow time for true inspiration to come in. Create when you are inspired to create and you’ll end up with a masterpiece like no other.”

From focusing on inspiration to focusing on systems that help his customers, Gregoire’s tips help those who are looking to build their businesses based on self-improvement, passion, and motivation.

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