Making Passion Into the Profession is the Biggest Mental Peace : Neetu Bisht

YouTube as a profession is a common thing now, But Instagram has taken a giant step in the recent past in making Instagram as a profession for the creators tells Neetu Bisht.

Since the Introduction of Reels, creators have shifted their base from other short video platforms to Instagram Mainly. Neetu had a massive fan following on Tiktok before the Ban on The App. After the Tiktok the best thing to happen was introduction of Instagram reels. ItIt is more than just a time pass now, people are investing time and ideas in it now and making it as a full time career including me, says Neetu.

India is a country rich in population as well as talent. People need to have a platform to showcase their skills , getting a platform in the earlier days was a tough job as the limited sources were there. But now anyone can upload a video/reel showcasing their skills and if luck goes in favor, getting fame is not a rocket science now.

For youth who are filled with ideas now need not to stand in lines for auditions in the talent platforms shows , the phone in their pocket can be utilized for the same. It has opened doors for talents immensely including creators living in remote areas too There is no rocket science to it , sticking to the basics and being consistent.

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