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Making the Mompreneur Lifestyle Easier with Mommy Mogul, Krystal Duhaney

Set yourself up for success and cause less stress.

“Stretched thin” should be the appropriate mood that mompreneurs are allowed to coin after 2020. Between juggling business and home, parents everywhere became full-time teachers as well. This sudden change of occupation made us quickly learn to be kind to ourselves and give ourselves grace when we didn’t show up how we wanted to each day. 

Registered Nurse and Mommy Mogul, Krystal Duhaney, is the CEO of Multi-million dollar company Milky Mama. She has offered her expertise on how she has been able to successfully build her business, while raising her two amazing kids, and not skipping one beat. Krystal’s plan of attack during our new normal has allowed her to not only earn 7-figures in the last month, but also offer 30 women of color an opportunity to become certified lactation coaches. All while “wifing” and homeschooling. Talk about “mompreneuring” to the 10th degree. How did she do it exactly? Here are her tips on managing it all:

Manage your time.

As overused as it may be, time management is one of the key factors in successfully being a mompreneur. Many of us are wearing so many hats and each one needs a healthy investment of our time. Make sure to be CLEAR on your priorities each day to ensure that you can attend to every responsibility. 

Build a winning team. 

This does not just refer to your work team, but your home team as well. This is time to rely on your village more than ever (partners, family, friends, employees, etc.) to assist you in reaching your end goal and to alleviate some of the pressure to complete every task. 

Find time to decompress. 

As mothers, wives, teachers, business owners, and so much more, we must find time to unload and get rest from all our responsibilities. It’s vital to gain and maintain your self care regimes. Before you can successfully give all of you to everything and everyone around you, you must fill your own cup. This will help you manage all of your titles. 

Being a mompreneur might seem overwhelming at times (which is okay) but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. The key to making it work is finding balance and having people in your corner. Once all of these things align, you will be on your way to mompreneur superstar.

To find out more about Mommy mogul, Krystal Duhaney and Milky Mama, visit or follow them on Instagram, @milkymamallc.


Written by Maleeka Hollaway

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