The Man Who Puts You One Funnel Away from Financial Freedom: Russell Brunson

I hope you know by now that SaaS stands for (software-as-a-service). If you didn’t know that already, well now you know. Software is starting to eat up entire industries and SaaS has become a common term in the world of business.

SaaS is forever changing multiple industries because it’s alleviating barriers to entry and creating a new way to sell products and services. Selling a product or service for a monthly fee, with no contract, is enticing to consumers of today. This in simple terms is what SaaS is.

I know that for myself when I come across a new piece of software and it allows me to purchase it for a low monthly fee, with the ability to cancel after that first month, it makes me purchase things more freely. Having a few options to buying a product or service creates flexibility. That flexibility in your pricing is attractive to consumers.

Enough with the SaaS talk, let’s get into the real reason I wrote this article, Russell Brunson; the man from Boise, Idaho that is building a software empire. Yes, you heard that right he lives in Boise, and his empire consists of over 20,000 paying customers. All these customers have come in the past two years as well.

Brunson is changing the game when it comes to selling any type of product or service online. He’s developed an amazing product called ClickFunnels.

Clickfunnels allows basically any business owner to create a website and implement sales funnels to build their business. Not only does ClickFunnels help you build your business, it helps produce revenue numbers you never thought were possible. In an easy and straightforward way that anyone can learn how to do. Even your grandma can use it; seriously!

Brunson just like so many other successful entrepreneurs before him came from humble beginnings. He grew up a competitive wrestler and later on in life found his passion for entrepreneurship. Along the way, he had many learning experiences that would lead him into founding Clickfunnels in 2014.

An experience in his life that stood out most to me was the fact that he almost went bankrupt. More than once actually. Each time he got so close, but then he released a new sales funnel which saved the business.

The line “Everyone is just one funnel away from financial freedom” makes sense to me now.

Anyone can create the life they truly want to live. Choosing to do so is another story. With ClickFunnels, Brunson has provided anyone an opportunity at business and financial freedom. Brunson started his entrepreneurial journey by selling stuff on eBay, later leading him into writing books, and creating software.

During our conversation, he told me about another inspirational story I have to share with you. Brunson grew up being a typical computer loving kid that was extremely introverted. You wouldn’t find him trying to get attention, or standing up in front of a crowd.

One day he had an idea about running a special event over a weekend at his house in Idaho. So what he did was plan out the event by creating a makeshift agenda, and designed the website. Not spending too much time on neither. After he finished the website he decided to push it live and sent out an email to his list.

That first day he had no sales or replies. He thought to himself “Oh, well I guess I need to do better next time.” Then the 2nd day he woke up and looked in his email inbox and had 2 people fill up his Paypal account. He was in shock because he now had to plan and run an event in which he had no idea how to do. Plus he wasn’t a big social guy, so he was totally going out of his element on this one. Something I truly admire about him is how he stepped out of his comfort zone. He put something out there to see if it would stick and it ended up sticking.

What his story taught me was that he took a chance. He had an idea, then he decided to act on that idea. Not knowing what the outcome would be. To his surprise, it worked and he had yet another successful launch. You ultimately don’t know how something is going to be received unless you put it out there. So stop perfecting that business idea or product launch and just put it out there.

If there’s one thing you can learn from Brunson’s story it’s that no matter what your situation is right now, tomorrow it can change. It doesn’t matter if you have $500 or $0 today, tomorrow your fortunes can change if you decide to act on your dreams and seize the opportunities in front of you.

Don’t let bad luck, constant struggles, or a bad attitude force you to live a life of mediocrity. You too can build an empire, travel the world, and make a difference. The only thing stopping you is yourself. Don’t be mired by your flaws but instead, focus on your strengths and become the person you always wanted to be. That’s what living is.

If Russell can overcome what he did and still come out on top, it’s safe to say you can do it as well. Remember you are just one funnel away from financial freedom.

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