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Since going remote during the pandemic, the hybrid schedule has become the new normal for work, and while many companies see the benefit of going remote, many are still in need of solutions to solve everyday problems. Even before the pandemic, businesses were in need of tools to streamline many day-to-day operations. 

Software Solutions

Luckily, Founder and CEO Derek Abram has experience in building businesses from the ground up and has just launched Prio. Prio is a company that builds software solutions to make work-life better by offering free time tracking software, a time clock calculator, and invoicing software. 

He is an expert in business management, SAAS tools, and helping employees and employers acclimate to remote work for better production. “The remote trend is here to stay in almost every industry,” Abram states. “Our mission is to build software that will make remote work life better and more cohesive. 

Prio’s remote team is continually working on expanding its processes systems. Prio’s platform was developed to store the team’s applications for purchase worldwide. 

Customers can choose the application that best aligns with their business goals. Clients can schedule demos through the website and get started for free. After the free trial, customers can customize the features to fit their needs. Plans start at $24 annually. 

Customize Applications for Teams

Businesses are able to combine a collection of features for your team to use and streamline the workflow, without the cost of unnecessary features. Manage a team of employees whether they are in the office or remote. Prio’s suite of features provides clarity to remote communication and offers deep insight into the work being done. Manage workers, set limits, bill clients, and share documents. 

Team Time Tracking and Automatic Invoicing Included

Plan the week in advance, knowing the specific hours and timezones to schedule meetings and vacations.

The team tracking application easily arranges time entries by category and is managed by the project and client. Use analytics to review invoices. Workers can customize rates, schedule changes, and see inline cost and income values weekly. 

Establish invoices in advance for remote workers and clients, so that you can go in and make the appropriate adjustments and approve. Give clients access to a branded analytics dashboard for quick and easy transactions. 

Business Protection

Almost half of all employees either work from home full-time or part-time. This trend hasn’t changed since last August. Though some businesses feel comfortable returning to work, the need for online tools and efficient task management remains.

It’s better to be prepared for anything. As long as tasks are being managed, companies will be able to continue business as usual should something happen. 

For more information, visit: Prio – Invoicing & Hour Tracking Software (

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