Manager and Producer Isabella Mastrodicasa Shines Light on Female Voices Through Her Work

Isabella Mastrodicasa

Isabella Mastrodicasa is a well-versed producer and manager at Heroes and Villains Entertainment. On the representation side, she heads up the digital department, and on the producing side, she focuses on International narrations and IPs. She is a dreamer and a storytelling enthusiast, which leads her to a variety of opportunities, creative partners, and platforms. 

“The beauty of being a manager and a producer is that there are no restraints on the spectrum of your work,” she said.

Part of my job consists of managing talent who use their voice and creativity to inspire others. I love to put my work and time at the service of those whose opinion I respect the most, and whose message I value the most, and this naturally leads me to work with other women I empathize with, and whom I admire.

In the past, Isabella primarily centered her work on writers and directors, but during the pandemic she engaged with new platforms and social media, leading to collaborations with digital creators as well. She now focuses on partners such as TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest in addition to streamers, magazines, podcasts, and large brands.

“The stories we see on screen and social media in different forms have the power to educate, move, inspire and enlighten generations of people across the world, and can lead to radical changes,” she said. “It is thrilling and exciting to see how these mediums are more often used to give space and voice to those people who have felt marginalized in our society for a long time because those are the stories that need to be amplified and nurtured right now. 

At the same time though, I think that there is a lot of work that we as individuals, but also collectively, should do in order to make sure that those changes are concrete, and that no one feels exploited or discriminated against outside and inside of our industry—we should all put in more effort and consideration toward each other.

Isabella left her hometown in Italy when she was 18 and moved to Milan to study law. After she graduated with a bachelor’s and a master’s degree at a prestigious school, she realized that the only person who was not happy about that was herself. This led her to gather her courage and leave her country in 2014 to pursue a long-time dream of making movies in Hollywood and to study film and TV, starting her journey in the entertainment industry. 

“My path was the opposite of smooth: I come from a very small town in Italy with limited opportunities, and since I was a child my ambitions always felt too big for the reality I was living—this is probably what challenged me to try harder every day,” she said. “It was all but easy, and it taught me how to patiently put in the work every single day in order to have the full preparation you need to succeed in the long run. It is a marathon, not a sprint, so you need to put intelligence, consistency, discipline, and devotion into every step along the way. The most important thing that this journey has taught me so far, is that no dream is too big if you do all of the above.”

Isabella is a judge for world-renowned film organizations, such as the Austin Film Festival, the Hollywood Pitch Festival, and Harvardwood among others, in addition to collaborating with schools like UCLA, UCS, New York Film Academy, and Loyola Marymount for their writer’s program. She has also been a part of the production of the award-winning documentary “Finding Oscar” (executively produced by Steven Spielberg) and is developing upcoming global content for film and TV. 

“My goal is not only to make sure that the talent I work with feels supported and appreciated so that they are fully free to create and empower their audiences but also to strategically advise and guide them toward their goals so that they can express their full potential,” she said. 

As a producer, Isabella focuses on finding the most undeniable stories and international formats and IPs that can be adapted into TV series or films, as well as discovering the global writers and directors with the most unique voices. 

“Depending on what happens in the world socially, culturally, and politically, there will be different needs in terms of what voices need to be represented and amplified on screen or on social media, but what always stays consistent for me is the hunger for fresh voices, and the care and passion I put into the projects that I curate,” she said. “I get motivated when I see something special coming to life and inspiring others, and when change happens through art and I know that I contributed to that.”

In the future, Isabella plans to continue to work with talented storytellers across the world, creating something powerful and meaningful with them through the years and delivering compelling content to digital platforms. 

“I hope to keep on growing and evolving as a woman and as a professional, and to always empower and support other women in achieving anything they set their minds to,” she said. “I also wish to always stay honest and truthful to myself, and to respect and support the people I work with.”

To all the entrepreneurs still in the midst of pursuing their dream, Isabella stresses hard work and focus. 

“My best advice is to always keep your eyes on your goals, to work hard and have an open mind throughout the process, and to always keep moving forward,” she said. “Remember to also be kind and gentle to yourself and to those who help you along the way!” 

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