Manan Shah’s Life Journey As An Ethical Hacker Is Par Excellence

It has become a norm that to be a successful person, one must have the educational degrees and must be highly-qualified. While education plays an important role in building a career, what matters the most is the experience one possesses in a particular field. The world’s most successful entrepreneurs like Bill Gates, Michael Dell, Mark Zuckerberg and many others are college dropouts but today they are an inspiration for the youth. Manan Shah, an ethical hacker is following the ideologies of these gentlemen and has made his name as a successful person in the cybersecurity world. He left education in school and started working early. At an age when people were busy partying, this young guy spent his time doing something out of the box.

With years of experience and expertise in hacking, he founded his company named Avalance Global Solutions in 2015. It is an internationally acclaimed cybersecurity firm, based out of Vadodara. At a very tender age, Shah identified the potential of cybersecurity after which he invested his time in learning ethical hacking. In today’s time when everything has become digitalized, the security of the companies are at higher risks. However, Shah and his company always stood like a pillar for the organizations who need to protect their financial records from the cyber threats. Understanding the rise of digital crimes, Shah learnt the fundamentals of hacking and is now ruling the roster with Avalance Global Solutions.

The process of becoming a top-class ethical hacker was not easy. Spending most of his time in computer surfing, Shah first understood how a computer system functions with the internet. At the age of 15, he attended his first seminar on ethical hacking and then he did a certified course along with learning other programming languages. Well, it was only after his course he decided to establish a company of his own. Through his expertise, the young guy has helped cyber cells of police departments across India. Top companies like Pepsico, Reliance, Godrej, Oyo, HUL, Tata and Swiggy have been his clients and this man has undoubtedly created a revolution with his excellent skills.

Besides this, his company has provided anti-piracy services to many Bollywood films like The Accidental Prime Minister, Namaste England, Yamla Pagla Deewana Phir Se, and Aiyaary. Speaking about his work ethic, he said, “Don’t work to make money. Work hard to make a brand name and see money will automatically follow you. My simple rule in life is that every new project I do is the best project for me. That’s how I work and progress in my field.” Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Shah’s company gave cybersecurity protection to many online businesses whose databases were at high risks. With substantial growth in ethical hacking, the young and talented entrepreneur is taking his work across borders and his company is surely the emerging name in the international markets.

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