Manav Singh Sidhu the Independent Music Space Gives More Creative Freedom Than Films

Manavjot singh sidhu had a dream to either be an athlete or a great soccer player. As he was interested in doing these sports. But at the age of 14 when he went to australia for his studies. Manav sidhu a great Punjabi rapper. Has many dreams to achive. And is going to also achive them through his hardwork. He is a man of his words. If once he plans to do something. He gets it done.

He ment with different culture people. Who were used tk make music. And from there he got inspired from all his dark tonned friends. Who used to record rap songs. And which made him interested in writing lyrics and making music.

He wrote several songs while being in Australia. But didn’t have much resources to produce songs. When he came back in 2020 at the age of 17 he started hi career of producing songs. Got major support from people in India and have successfully produced 2 songs. 1st Crown and 2nd Dollar. And now is Planning to release his album of 5 songs. Really soon.

Which is an international collaboration of. His friends. From Australia, India and Canada. He promises this album is gonna be a great banger. And will also be a life changing point for him. As well he is working his ass hard. To become a great successful Punjabi rapper. Which is his current dream as well. He has a perfect determination in his mind. To become successful and shine his parents name one day. To make them feel proud.

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