Mandana Bolourchi’s Flamboyant Birthday Party in Los Angeles Became the Talk Of the Town.

A quick look around us will let us know how people have been putting in every possible effort to stand out from others. There are a few rare gems in the world who do the same effortlessly and create more buzz around them, their daily lives and their lifestyle. Mandana Bolourchi is one such name who chose to be different this year on her birthday.

Where the world on one end fights the pandemic, she decided to throw a birthday party to give people a reason to smile and enjoy. Everything about her birthday made headlines, right from the huge purple billboard in Los Angele’s busiest intersection on Olympic and San Vincent asking people whether they were invited to her birthday party to the breathtakingly beautiful invites sent with Brazilian dancers in Cartier boxes with Hansen’s cakes. Mandana Bolourchi, who is a well-known socialite in Los Angeles, knows how to spellbound people with her ideas and concepts, and that’s what she did for her birthday bash last week.

The enchanting beauty looked even more mesmerizing in her gorgeous dress and invited all the prominent names of Los Angeles, right from celebrities, rappers, socialites to even Drs, for making it a night to remember. No one knew the location of the party as it was kept mysterious. Also, to follow the Covid guidelines and keep everyone safe, Mandana Bolourchi made sure the guests showed their vaccination cards or had CPR from the last 24 hours.

All of them were transferred through luxury shuttles and security teams at the secret locations. The proudly vaccinated socialite posted some beautiful pictures and videos from the party on her social media and people went gaga over the same.

Mandana Bolourchi also made sure to call for a natural mixologist for making organic drinks so that guests do not have a hangover the day after. The night had everything to make it more happening with Swae Lee, the famous American rapper performing with fireworks and exotic dancers, which was also defiantly the first live performance for many in the last two years.

The night also had guests having their champagne poured by acrobatic dancers, and it continued with several lit performances. The birthday party was definitely unusual and beautiful, something people would remember dearly for years to come, which made it LA’s spectacular Covid free party. To get your hands on more birthday party pictures, follow Mandana Bolourchi on Instagram @the.mandana or visit her website,

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