Manish Singh, India’s Youngest Millionaire Digitalpreneur Explains the Skills That Can Make People Millionaires

For a person to become a millionaire, one needs the right skills to pay the bills. Millionaires are the ones that set themselves apart from others with these unique skills they possess. People may think that these skills are unattainable, but Manish Singh, an ace and courageous digital marketing entrepreneur from India, who today is seen as the youngest millionaire entrepreneur, believes it is possible to cultivate all these skills and climb the ladder to success. Manish Singh hails from Bihar, India, but at only 20 years of age owns and operates his growing empire that caters to various niches in media and technology.

Below are a few skills that the youngster believes can help people become millionaires.

  • Communication skills: The way one interacts and build communication with others, helps define the skilful entrepreneur he/she is. Manish Singh explains that people need to work around their communication skills so that they can share their message more effectively within their company and across the industry, which will ultimately determine their level of wealth.
  • Branding and marketing skills: Before getting into the marketing of your products or services, Manish Singh points out that entrepreneurs must also focus on promoting themselves in their niches. Building a great reputation serves as the best advertisement for an entrepreneur.
  • Innovation skills: Every successful entrepreneur has gone under the grind to make it where they stand today. Major credit must not only go to their consistent efforts in what they do the best but also their skills in continuously innovating things in their space. Manish Singh says that people must work upon honing their innovation skills, which will catapult them at the front of the industry and help them be known as a modern-day entrepreneur.
  • Leadership skills: Every millionaire entrepreneur today is known as a leader in his/her respective field. These entrepreneurs have also taken inspiration from many other leaders of the world to become one. Hence, Manish Singh highlights that people must take up responsibilities and initiatives when the times get tough and inspire others as well in the organization to understand their duties and do the unimaginable.

With his ZZED Group of Companies, Manish Singh has dived in different niches and owns ZZED Corporations, ZZED Digital, ZZED News and ZZED Media and Technologies Pvt Ltd. His ZZED Media firm helps clients taste their definition of success through creative advertising and marketing strategies, techniques, plans and campaigns. All this has led his empire to make a turnover of over $2 million. Going further, Manish Singh also wishes to open a Digital University for building the careers of others in the digital space.


You can follow him on Instagram: @__manisingh__

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