Most of the people you meet in life suffer from “giving up” syndrome. The giving up syndrome is like leaving the goal halfway through. Almost everyone has goals and targets in their life, but very few can reach their target. Those who achieve their goals are the most successful people in life. With that being said, Manthan Dudeja is one among the few who hurdled in the beginning in the road to success but eventually achieved his goal.

Manthan dudeja started his journey long back when he had a passion for gadgets and computers. Thus he joined California University for his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and Engineering. He has this curiosity of finding how the thing works behind the scenes, and this is where he discovered that he has a great passion for Web programs. To date, he has managed to serve web apps, mobile apps, and much more to his clients and managing over 30 plus websites.

Manthan dudeja also invested in many other businesses globally. He not only helped them with money but also his expertise. He runs two other Tech blogs that are highly successful, including A Tech Website and Tech World zone. Both of these blogs garner over a million views in a month. Apart from this, he and his team completed 100+ apps and web programs for his clients.

Tech Crack is a tech blog that provides detailed information about various tech aspects. The blog covers all the latest gadgets that are released, and if you follow his blogs, you will be surprised with the speedy update about any gadgets that get released in the market. Tech crack also has information about software, programming languages, SEO, tips and tricks, and much more from the world of technology.

Tech World Zone and A Tech website focus more on gadgets, software, mobile phones, laptops, accessories, and much more. Both the website Sevres different time zone, so they can get maximum viewership from every part of the world.

Manthan Dudeja has a great team of developers, content writers, digital marketing experts, and their favourite. Without discipline, hard work, and dedication, it is impossible to achieve this much success in such a short span, but Manthan Dudeja has outdone himself. He worked with many brands such as Audible by Amazon and so on; he is also the inspiration that our next generation will look up to.

About Manthan Dudeja : Manthan Dudeja is the Founder and CEO of Tech Crack, A Tech Website, and Tech World Zone. He is currently enrolled with California State University, completing his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science. Manthan Dudeja hails from Karnal, Haryana, and presently residing in California.

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