Maren Tschinkel, the Supermodel “Beauty With Brains”, Steps in the Real Estate Realm

Maren Tschinkel

The German supermodel with elegant appearance has been procuring enough achievements to her name. With her exquisite boldness, she has been a fitness trainer as well.

Astoundingly disciplined in her lifestyle, Maren holds the convictions that she herself is her sole competitor. With a ginormous fanbase on media platforms, Maren has influenced the lifestyle of an untold number of fans, captivating their hearts. But, disarraying the news, recently, Maren has expanded her work environment and has commenced her venture in real estate.

The venture began with a victorious Instagram collaboration between the company Super Luxury Group and model Maren Tschikel. Maren started working with the Super Luxury Group, established in Miami, becoming proactive in real estate alongside the fashion orb.

Promoting the properties through her Instagram, was her initial step into the real-estate. The firm recognized Maren’s influence and proffered her to be a part of the core team. Propounding regarding the company, Maren illuminated – “The firm excels in succoring the affluent to purchase and trade in high-end properties, aiding the proprietors, in destinations like Miami.” From the firm’s perspective, the cognizant founders Alvaro Nuñez and Daniel Tzinker stated that with Maren onboard, visualizing to widen her real estate approach, as an ambassador, would define the pathway to eradicate a saturated market and conceptualizing the methods to make properties become distinct.

Maren has been exhibiting her brilliance at every opportunity.

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