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Marie Blanchard is the Haitian-Born Businesswoman Tearing Down Boundaries

Marie Blanchard is breaking barriers across all aspects of life.

Author. Professional Bodybuilder. Fitness Model. Health and Fitness Coach. Entrepreneur. While this may seem like a list of various career choices, they are actually all jobs that are completed by one person: Marie Blanchard. The multi-talented professional has had her fair share of personal turmoil in her life, but the obstacles she has overcome have only made her stronger and more driven to succeed. Now, Blanchard is one of the most inspiring entrepreneurs and businesswomen in the United States.

In 1996, when Blanchard was just ten years old she immigrated from Port-Au-Prince, Haiti, to the United States. She would spend the following two decades moving from city to city up and down the East coast before finding her current residence in New York City. Blanchard’s constant travel was one of the most stressful eras of her life, but it allowed her to achieve the mindset to never take advantage of the time you are given somewhere. Living in the moment gave Blanchard the inspiration to pursue her dreams and become an entrepreneur.

“Find your passion and run with it,” Blanchard shares on entrepreneurship. She went on, “For longevity, do your research, build relationships, make smart investments, and keep yourself surrounded by others with similar success-driven aspirations.” Originally, Marie found success in modeling and bodybuilding, but she then decided to take what she had learned in this line of work to become a fitness trainer and educate others as well. Working with the aspiration to help her clients in as many ways as possible, Blanchard works to help them achieve physical, nutritional, and psychological goals. On top of it all, Blanchard is currently working on her newest business endeavor, the Designer Bag Exchange, which she describes as “a platform that connects buyers and sellers globally involving luxury/designer bags and accessories for men and women.”

While being a self-made businesswoman, Blanchard is not afraid to give credit to those who have inspired her over the years. “I get my inspirations from the average person who has built themselves up out of nothing… those who worked tirelessly to prove to herself and others wrong when no one had faith in her to succeed,” she comments. Finding strength in herself and the stories of others, Blanchard has built an empire of sorts out of her own interests. This is based on the advice she has for the next generation of entrepreneurs: find your passion and attack with a hard work ethic, desire for success, and the urge to help others. One day, Blanchard hopes to give back to all of those who have similar stories to her own and thank those who made her the woman she is today.

Learn more about Marie Blanchard at her website and her Instagram, order her recipe book here, and keep your eyes open for Designer Bag Exchange in 2021.

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