Marina Von Lison – Creating a Global Commonality Ground for Like-Minded Personalities.

Privileged correlation and extensive networking are among the multi factors that have benefitted a colossal number of people associated with International Business Club- Elite Club World.

Marina von Lison, who is an entrepreneur, an influencer, a model, and an editor-in-chief of an annual high-end Elite Club Magazine, has illuminated the key takeaways one can learn from by the he strong-rooted organization which is a patron of the medieval Order of St. Stanislas established in 1765 by the Polish King Stanislas II Augustus Poniatowski. The St. Stanislas Order supports humanitarian projects both nationally and internationally as the concept of chivalry is still siginificant in the modern world.



Like mindedness is the prime key!

What commenced as the Elite Club World and reformed into the Elite Club World, the name itself justifies the global impact it has been effectuating. It is an international consortium of outstanding personalities (celebrities, VIP persons, maecenas, famous artists, business tycoons and just everybody who has a good heart and willingness to help other people), a pact which follows clear vision and clear philanthropic missions.

The goal of ELITE CLUB is to bring together good-hearted and motivated people of different origins and cultural aspects, to mutually benefit from their/our ideas, opportunities and expertise.

Benefitting the masses!

Marina has explained the tactical role of the club in accomplishing humanitarian, social, medical, and cultural goals on an international level by gathering people through astounding ideologies and methodologies, from sundry environments, nations, ethnicities, and professions, on a global scale, allowing them to overcome any differences.

To name just a few of the most significant tasks: The board of the Elite Club which consists of Marina´s father-in-law, husband and her take on the task of showcasing and providing actionable opportunities for collaborations and partnerships with some of the world´s most successful businessmen, dignitaries, artists, writers, diplomats and industry leaders. They love what they do and are happy to dedicate their lives to bring together good-hearted and motivated people of different origins and cultural aspects.

No barriers in the work environment!

Multitasking guarantees success. Marina rejoindered that her Father-in-law and her husband along with her contribute to all kinds of responsibilities and assisted by their team, they illustriously manage the work environment, with fundamentals based on trustworthiness. The board of Elite Club World manages  to merge, blend and unite the different professions, nationalities, religions and cultures which make up the envied specificity of this unique international networking business club.

Carving opportunities for others!

Not limited to charitable events, exclusive sports, and cultural events as well, the club has the vision to benefit its members in multitudinous manners. Special events, discounts and offers, selected meetings, lectures and conferences, music, sports, Gala Dinners, and other organized events are lucratively enjoyed by those associated with the club.

Members enjoy a range of benefits including invitations to special events, discounts and offers, through carefully selected partner organizations, which they access via their unique Membership. The Membership of the Elite Club gives you the opportunity for mingling for business or social reasons with potential business partners, celebrities, politicians, nobility.

Supporting others strengthens your stronghold! 

The International Elite Club World supports many ideologies and humanitarian institutions and organizations and promotes cultural, artistic, and other events worthy of recognition of the Order St. Stanislas. The charity and the willingness to actively help others together form the most honorable characteristic of a human being.

Elite Club World supports humanitarian institutions and organizations, which, wherever in the world, accept the plight of people by means of actions, donations in commodities and money. They also promote cultural, artistic and other events worthy of recognition of the Order.

The German Grand Priory is the only one in the world which has in its charity program “ParaMusix” various Music Projects as an aid to improve and beautify everyday life of the sick, the weak and the disabled and to alleviate suffering.

All our Charity Gala dinners within have a rich music entertainment program with famous artists from all over the world with the purpose to raise funds and, to name one of the charity foundations we work together, we can point out the Natureheart Foundation (former Phytokids Foundation) to help and support children in Germany, Spain, Poland, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan.

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