Mario “Wizzo” Fernandez Takes Lessons From Rapper Nipsey Hussle to Revolutionize Digital Music

Mario Fernandez, a.k.a. Wizzo, is a Mexican-American DJ, producer, and mixing engineer hailing from Guadalajara, Mexico. Wizzo started his recording career in 2010 as an intern at Actual Eyes Media, and it was here where he learned the most about professional audio recording. Since then, Wizzo has worked with a variety of engineers, producers, and artists, including Dom Kennedy, Lil Jon, and DJ Drama.

However, Wizzo got his big break when he signed on to work with American rapper Nipsey Hussle in 2010. Wizzo helped produce the song “U Don’t Got a Clue”, which was featured on Nipsey’s mixtape The Marathon. They worked together again in 2011, with Wizzo once again assisting Nipsey with producing another mixtape, The Marathon Continues. As stated by Wizzo, his current entrepreneurial skills are largely thanks to his collaboration with Nipsey Hussle.

In addition to these entrepreneurial skills, there were many things that he learned in the field of sound engineering while working with Nipsey. He credits working with Nipsey with giving him the drive he needed to continuously improve his skills in this field as well. In 2018, he once more collaborated with Nipsey Hussle as a recording engineer and mixer on Nipsey’s debut album Victory Lap.

Currently, Wizzo is focussing on Bitstream Audio, a superlative platform that enables multiple producers to easily communicate and collaborate with each other. Bitstream Audio is a very efficient method for producers to create music while at the same time lowering studio costs; this is because, using Bitstream’s proprietary software and hardware, producers can easily work on multiple aspects of music production simultaneously, without any interruption. According to Wizzo, the idea of Bitstream Audio technology came about while he was working with Mike Free and Lil Jon, two highly esteemed producers who need no introduction.

Using more than one digital audio workstation (DAW) or software platform can be a serious issue for producers, as this can severely hinder the production process. It often becomes quite costly to deal with such issues during production. However, with Bitstream Audio, these problems can be more easily solved.

Wizzo’s main goal at this stage in his career is to build his own production company. He intends to fully utilize his skills and his new Bitstream Audio platform to bring a new level of innovation to the production process. Wizzo is currently discussing the use of Bitstream Audio technology with various hardware and software companies in order to have it officially licensed.

The way Wizzo has introduced this technology is a great example of how one can use innovation to bring about huge changes in their area of expertise. If you are also in the field of music production, Bitstream Audio technology may prove to be extremely beneficial for you as it will make collaboration with other artists and producers very easy and inexpensive.

If you want to learn more about the technology of Bitstream Audio, simply follow the previous link. Additionally, if you’re interested in following Wizzo on social media, you can do so via his official Facebook and Instagram accounts.

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